Happy new year 2011
Happy new year 2011
Canon EOS 50D     14mm     1/8s     f/4.0     ISO200    

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Happy new year 2011

Taken: 25 December 2010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Happy new year, everyone!

This year will be 2011.
This year will be different from last year.
This year might be worse for some people.
This year might be better for some people.
It can’t be the same, because we can’t relive the past.
But it will be different.

This year, I will finally get my degree.
This year, I have more exciting challenges at work.

This year, my daughter will turn one.
This year, my parents will change their granddaughter’s diaper for the first time.
This year will be different.

How different will it be for you?

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  1. Djo says:


  2. Eliz says:

    Happy New Year Kenneth, and congrats on your healthy little girl !! :)

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