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Taken: 1 July 2010, Rome, Italy.

How connected are you?

With a little baby in the house, I sometimes fantasize how life will be in 10 or 15 years. Would she then already have a cellphone or a smartphone at the age of 10 or 15? I think the first time I could use a cellphone was around 1997. My smartphone I have since last year.

At what age did you get your first cellphone?
And do you have a smartphone and at what age did you get that?

7 Responses to “Connected”

  1. Layla says:

    I was 17 when I got one–a high school graduation gift. It served as a tool for my parents to keep tabs on me! :)

  2. Angeline says:

    Cell phone? When I was young we had phone cards and phone booths! And as a student I had a pager (see phone booth). Yes, I am that old!

  3. Sabrina says:

    I begged my parents not to give me a cellphone — I only acquired it through them, and they only purchased one to keep tabs on me. I HATE CELLPHONES.

  4. Eliz says:

    I had my first cell phone at 18.. for my first part time job! (:

  5. Aleida says:

    Looking back, the world of ‘communication’ has definitely changed a LOT in the last 10yrs. With smartphones we are – it seems – highly connected. I got my first mobile phone (Nokia) when I was about 15yrs old. I got my first smartphone back in 2008 at the age of 24 when the iPhone 3G was released here in The Netherlands.

    Lovely photo btw ;)

  6. Gyurka says:

    First mobile: 19
    Current Smartphone: Nokia N900 which I bought when I was 30, but I own a Samsung F700 since I was about 28. (semi smartphone :P)

  7. Jonathan says:

    First cell phone at age 13, currently own an iPhone 4. First smartphone was an iPhone 3G which I got at age 18.

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