2nd Christmas Day

Today is 2nd Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag). We don’t have Christmas Eve.

No, our calendar doesn’t say anything on 24 December. Just 1st Christmas Day on the 25th and 2nd Christmas Day on the 26th. I will go see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King today with friends (Saskia, Feda, Wai-Shung, Ifa). After that I’ll head over to relatives with my family to have a Christmas dinner. On this 2nd Christmas Day.

[Edit] I took a few pictures after we went to the movies. So Feda wasn’t there, but Norbert was, hehe. Anyway, I’ll put the Christmas dinner pictures up tomorrow.

5 Responses to “2nd Christmas Day”

  1. kenneth says:

    [ZhiWen]: Kan je de spanning nog niet aan? 🙂

    [idahhh]: So are you going to see it eventually, or did you never watch the first two parts anyway?

    [echa]: Our Christmas dinner was actually on the 26th 😛

    [Danny}: It’s pretty easy, actually 🙂

  2. Danny says:

    3½ hours of staring to a screen, how’d you survive ^__^

  3. echa says:

    but we celebrated christmas on 24 December in the night till 25 December right? because i and my family don’t really celebrate it till 26 December 😀

  4. idahhh says:

    awwh everyone’s going to see it cept for meee!! ooh 2nd christmas day…

  5. ZhiWen says:

    Veel plezier! Ik wacht tot het nieuwe jaar met het zien van LOTR III..

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