Life as a puzzle

I received a jigsaw puzzle as a gift (thanks Xiong), and thus you find the finished result here. It’s been ages since I’ve done a jigsaw puzzle and I must say it was fun spending some time on it.

I wonder if life can be seen as a jigsaw puzzles. Where each day is a random piece. Where sometimes you can see shapes forming. And where sometimes you see the complete frame, the complete picture taking shape. Where sometimes pieces get lost. Where sometimes parts fall and you have to do them over again. Or when a puzzle is completed and everything seems perfect. But then another one awaits, with more confusion and chaos.

dice: Yep, it’s Evangelion. Tiffany: Took me a few hours. jen2: 500 pieces. wendy: Its dimensions are 38x53cm. Dana: It was 8pm when I wrote it. So what if I was bored.

Blogging is boring

For some reason, I don’t really feel like blogging lately. Not because I don’t like it, but my motivation to write something and post a picture with it just have gone down. Plus I don’t have regular internet yet on my computer. Plus I like studying now, haha. Almost all classes are interesting, all practical classes as well.

Anyway, I will post more soon, and have some images for you to consume.

Void room

This is my old room in The Hague, where I lived for about 3 years. It’s totally empty now. Today was the day I handed in my keys to the place. After signing a few forms, and asking for the name tag (the one next to my doorbell) I was on my way. Bye, bye.

Thanks: Michelle Liz wendy Saffe Diana Cezanne

Typical Dutch architecture?

Thanks: Michelle marc Paul Aileen

Tourist in your own country

Okay, from the past week, I’ve been kind of like a tour guide for a few days for my friends from Canada, Sweden and the UK. But living here in the Netherlands, that doesn’t mean I don’t take any pictures myself. In total, the four of us made about 900 pictures in about 5-6 days. Not bad at all.

One of the pictures is this one of the Dutch wind mills at Kinderdijk (near Rotterdam).

Thanks: Liz Tiffany hazel Priscilla: It’s a Canon PowerShot G3. Saffe: I guess so. A tour guide that gets lost now and then, though. Kelly

A first-year student

Picture: Taken today, at one of the faculty’s clinics.

As a first-year university student –I’m one for the gazillionth time– you experience the same things over and over again. The same things a little bit different. Again, I’m a confused part of hordes of other confused first-year students.

At the beginning of the year, all first-year students still attend all classes (in a few months or weeks, attendance will drop significantly). Most are present on time (in a few weeks or days, most will arrive late). Most are already sleepy, with all the professors showing their PowerPoint presentations, I mean, lessons.

Yes, life as a first-year student is hard.

Replies: Liz: Practicing at the clinic is one of my obligatory classes. Tiffany: I took my camera to class, hehe. Paul: Tja, weer eens wat anders he? Michelle: Bijna altijd. maureen: Yes, should stick with the fun part of it. Nana: ^_^; dice: Yep, I guess you’re right. jen2: Eep. Rosa: Haha, I hope I don’t have any terror teachers. marc: I had those removed by a jaw surgeon. It was… interesting. Haha.

Reminiscence with old friends

Friendships can fade so fast. I never see my friends from high school, except for that one reunion last year. Let alone elementary school. But some friends I still have contact with: friends from university, who I see a few times a year.

It’s seems even harder to keep contact with friends who live in different countries or even continents. Like the people I met in the three weeks in Taiwan two years ago. All of the people who live in the Netherlands, we had a few meetings/reunions. A couple people from Canada and France visited us here. I even met some of the Taiwan-goers in Canada.

And tomorrow I’ll meet friends from Canada, Sweden and the UK again.

It’s so nice to meet friends again.

Thanks for your comments: maureen dice Tiffany Bella marc Michelle. Replies: Tiffany: It can be harder with uni people, because when your classes are done, you usually just want to head home. So that’s it, except for the breaks. Liz: Yep, we’ll have fun. Kelly: At least you have some old friends there. Better than nothing, eh?

I love her smile

There are smileys and Japanese smileys. A typical example of a “normal” smiley is ๐Ÿ™‚ – Two dots for the eyes, and a little arc for the mouth. A typical example of a Japanese smiley is ^_^.

The first smiley shows that it’s the mouth that’s smiling. But it’s not always the mouth that’s only smiling. Which you can also see in the Japanese smiley: it’s the eyes. But then again, the Japanese smiley only smiles with the eyes.


Smile with your eyes and your mouth. Straight from your heart.

The most beautiful girl

I think I finally figured it out. The mystical, the most important, the one thing that makes a girl so (physically) beautiful. So plainly and extremely beautiful at the same time. The thing that makes a girl shine, that makes a girl light up the room when she enters it.

Immensely more important than boobs or butts. More important than clothing, hairstyle. More important than make-up, bags or shoes.

It’s the smile.

Replies: Tiffany: ๐Ÿ˜€ back! Liz: Thanks. Lisa T: Dank je, meisje. Michelle: Als dat zo was dan was ik niet uniek. marc: I thought about that too. This post was to be continued… Priscilla: Thanks. En ja, ik was ook naar indonesia :).

Hunger for more

Some kind of fruit, I took this picture two months ago in Indonesia.

Hunger for more

Past few months, up until the end of the summer holidays, I’ve been sleeping in a lot. Aside from my trip to Indonesia, I didn’t do too much. Or anything at all. Going to bed late and sleeping in, sleeping irregularly and thus eating irregularly. Sometimes I skipped either breakfast (was sleeping) or lunch (just some snacks).

But now, since classes started, I really notice I need my breakfast and I need my lunch. Need to sleep early as I have to get up early for class. I wonder if my skinny, skinny body will gain a little bit of weight.

Probably not. I need the energy for the whole day and for all the information my brain needs to hold in.

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