Lost in Utrecht

Friday last week (3 September), I met up with my Canadian friend Raymond. Cindy was his tour guide earlier, but had to go to some classes, so I was the appointed tour guide for the day. And the city was Utrecht.

Now, I hardly ever go to Utrecht. If I do go there, it’s not much further than the main train station and its direct surroundings.

So we wandered around, looking for the famous Dom there, kinda got lost, made a few detours. Other than the Dom, I had no idea what else there was to do except to wander around the shopping streets. So, the moral of the story is: don’t let me be your tour guide on a day tour in Utrecht.

Injections in order to follow classes

Filling in some forms, getting some books, and an injection. Not a too typical way how a school year starts. But that’s what happened anyway, last Thursday. Tomorrow is my first class.

Awesome dances

The reason the 3-day China Festival Rotterdam was so good, was that there were some performances held. A few dances by the cutest little children from Shanghai, and a few people playing traditional Chinese instruments. But as you can see in the picture, the dances were just so cute.

Chinese oddness

Last weekend, a three-day festival took place in a street in Rotterdam: China Festival. A whole street of merchants, a small art gallery and a few performances were held.

Aside from some typical Chinese merchandise, like little statues, clothing, artwork and books about China, there were also stands with people selling Indonesian cakes, Vietnamese spring rolls and lots of bras.

I hope the locals won’t generalize the Chinese as bra-selling people now.

A dizzy adventure

I felt a little bit sick and dizzy after this ride. But I did take a few pictures while on it. It felt a bit weird going to an introduction week again, but it was fun. The first day we spent time roaming around the faculty building, the next in Amsterdam–where the rain poured.

Sailing on Wednesday was interesting. The wind was doing weird, so our boat kinda got stuck. So instead, we took a motorboat instead. This picture was taken on the last day, at the Duinrell amusement park.

Where I stayed away from the roller coasters.

Michelle: Yes, being a bit sick is what I payed for this awesome picture! Dice: I guess I’m crazy like that. Tiffany: I was indeed debating with myself whether to bring my camera or not. But I figured the risk wasn’t too high. I didn’t take it with me on all the rides, though. ping: Thanks, I feel very brave. Aileen: Fun and dizzying. Bella: Hah, my mission is accomplished.


An Indonesian sunset, as taken in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia a month ago. Different regions in the world have different climates. So traveling, you will mainly notice the difference in temperature. When you prepare for a trip, you try to bring appropriate clothing: thick, warm clothes when you’re going somewhere cold, and light, thin clothes when you’re going somewhere warm.

Other than temperature, I always notice the clouds. When I’m at home, here in the Netherlands, I always see certain type of clouds (I don’t know how they’re called, I just note the shape). But when I’m in a different country, I often see different kind of clouds.

And clouds are especially interesting when you’re flying an airplane. You see the clouds from above, at the same height, or you’re flying even in the clouds.

Clouds are also what make sunsets amazing. The change of colors –yellow, orange, red, purple– in combination with the sky and clouds –blue, grey, white– turn the sky into an amazing painting. Moving each minute into the next beautiful view.

Yes, sunsets are beautiful. I don’t know about sunrises, though.

Those are too early.

marc: Yeah, mornings are usually cold. Although in the summer and in the warm parts of Asia it can be convenient. Tiffany: Thanks! Jen Jen: Yep, Jimbaran was one of the spots we ate. Yum. Ikan. Michelle: Take pictures next time, there’s always a next time, right? Carolyn: Yeah, sunsets/sunrises on airplanes are awesome. Andi: Very well said ๐Ÿ™‚ Dice: Ooh, a new commenter. Welcome :). ZhiWen: Heh, ik had deze post dus ook in 1 woordje kunnen samenvatten ๐Ÿ™‚ irene: Yep, I was a pure tourist, myself. Diana: Yeah, it’s always nice to take time for the simple yet breathtaking things of nature…

Change of Life

For some reason Garuda Indonesia is stopping flying between Amsterdam and Jakarta. Too bad. So I guess I’m lucky I caught one of the last flights a month ago.

Change of Life

Could you change your life radically? Like the way you are, the way you do things? Like how you are or who you are? Like changing yourself into another self, changing identity or personality?

Just like how my family told me I should change?

Hmm, who should I try to imitate today?


I’ll entertain you now with this picture from a traditional Balinese dance. So yes, I took this picture in Bali, Indonesia, exactly a month ago.

Michelle Bella. echa: Scared, why? But not the dancers, right? hehe. Diana: Yeah, Balinese dancers “dance” with their eyes as well as their hands. I like it, because it’s very unique. And I love culture like this.


Look at this charming statue.

I saw the opening of the olympics on television yesterday. It looked awesome. The history part was portrayed so artistically. The water, all the objects and people in the air. Especially with all the people in the colorful costumes.

Intesting with the country names: I think, officially Taiwan is called Republic of China, while China is called the People’s Republic of China. However, yesterday, they were announced as Chinese Taipei. What’s up with that?

Also interesting to know is that during the opening, they told that Indonesia was the only country which didn’t buy the rights to show the olympics live on television. Too expensive. And yes, it’s a lot of money. Especially even for the opening itself, because that was 3 hours long, without any breaks. Without any breaks, there’s no time for commercials.

Roseline: Exactly. That was anothing thing I wanted to write about, but forgot when I was actually writing this entry. Korea presented as one, and holding the flag as one… so beautiful. Jen jen: Haha. Sleep. Good. Jean: Yeah, I thought the same thing. And yes, the statue is interesting, haha. Tiffany: Chanel is a really brilliant musician! If I’d own a record label, I’d definitely offer her a record deal right away. Diana: It’s weird because Indonesia has everything: all the western companies selling fries and BigMacs and coffee. And Idol on tv and other imported channels like MTV. But no olympics.

PS: If you’re watching Australian IdolChanel Cole is brilliant!

Where water meets land

This picture is one of the many pictures I took on my trip in Indonesia. The coast of Tanah Lot. I do have pictures of the temple on the rock itself, but maybe I’ll show those later.

Here in the Netherlands, after a short heatwave (“5 days of at least 25°C which of 3 are at least 30°C” — I’m sure this definition isn’t universal) it’s getting colder again. And raining. Lots of it.

With my enjoyous visit to Indonesia already over, I still get a little bit jealous of the people who I see online. Some are still in on vacation in Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, The United States, Canada… I love traveling. But the only country that I really really want to visit and haven’t visited before is Japan.

When I was in Indonesia, I learned that a lot of people have an urge to visit the West. North America, Europe. As I was born here, however with roots in Asia, I love to visit the Far East. Japan is on the top of my list, then comes Guilin, China (famous for the scenery, mountains in water shrouded by fog). I wouldn’t mind visiting Singapore, Malaysia, South-Korea either. I visited China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and I’d go back if I could.

But first, lots of school, classes, exams and everything are waiting for me this year/these coming years.

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