Uncommon clouds

This time not the stereotype fluffy clouds. Not a sunset with a yellow-orange-purple-red sky and clouds either. Just this view of clouds that looks like a silk haze covering our skies.

Hauke: Bored, perhaps… Jen Jen: Butter? That’s an interesting association. Cathryn: I’m glad it doesn’t stink like cigarette smoke, hehe. Diana: Same here. Angela: I have no idea either :).

At the waterside

On the right side, you see a bird and her chicks. And on the left side you see random trash floating in the water. What’s up with that?

Commentors: echa Keren Iviane Andi Rache rick Kelly Ksusha. New link: Yuki. Echa: I took this picture in front of my building in The Hague, last Wednesday.


I recently was adding another hard drive to my computer. But while doing that, I broke one of my cables, and I was lacking another one. So I had a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t connect, so I couldn’t use that. Two days ago I got new cables, so everything is plugged in and working now.

The insides of my computer really looks like a mess. But at least everything is working properly now. I also have tons of cables that are connected on the outside of my computer. That’s a mess too. Oh, well, as long as everthing works.

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The strength of nature

Behind you see a few encaged bushes that were neatly planted there by the city. The ground in front of the bushes should’ve been clean. But instead, there’s some sorts of weed growing. And it’s all over the place. It looked pretty funny to me.

Even small things of nature have such power to grow everywhere. Let alone the big things of nature: wind, water, earth, fire… Or even bigger things: life. And even bigger: love :). God bless you all!

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Echa: It’s the green things sprouting out from the ground :). They’re actually 10-15cm in height. Seline: Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the photos :). Gideon: Yes, that was taken near Den Haag HS. Echa: PS: Weed = onkruid.


My parents gave me some cash last week. Including this 100.000 bill. It would look really weird having it in my wallet, next to some 5, 10 and 20 bills that I have in there. And I just calculated it: Apparantly 100,000.00 IDR (Indonesia Rupiahs) equals 8.74609 EUR (10.6349 USD).

But with the 8.75 EUR, I wonder what you can buy with this amount of money in the different countries around the world.

What if there was another local currency called Bananas. I wonder how many Bananas I would get for 8.75 here in the Netherlands, in the Americas, Africa, or Asia and Australia…


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Europe / Do or would you vote?

“Those who think further, know no boundaries (borders).” [Borders, as in country borders within Europe. Yes, some lame slogan they made up for the European Parliament vote thing.]

Yesterday was the vote in the Netherlands for the European Parliament. A couple of weeks back, I took a “quiz” on which party to vote for. It showed the different parties, based on my opinion on some European matters and politics. The first party that showed up was a small one (and I usually vote for them, so that showed me the quiz wasn’t all bogus). So I decided to vote for the second, bigger, party that showed up.

I went to the voting place around 5 or 6pm, and there weren’t any people there waiting at all. I guess people don’t want to use their voice of opinion.

A lot of people refuse to vote. I think that’s dumb. Those people who refuse to vote are usually against the whole Europe thing. But even so, they should just vote blank or something.

The code

A few people recommended me this book. And so, I’ve read it. My current opinion about is that it’s a very good book. Not perfect, but still very good. Dan Brown obviously did his research well, as well as the story.

Stories, whether it be in books, or in movies… I always love it when a story builds on reality, but then continues in its own world. Reality and fiction worlds intertwined in one. And I mean fiction worlds as in fantasy worlds. But it still has to be believable.

We still don’t know everything about our own planet, earth. Or life and the human body itself. Or history, or the universe. I love it when a writer takes one of the things we hardly know about and then continues to fantasize about it — especially when they use their own (scientific) explanation. Like how Robin Cook uses the “garbage” parts in our DNA, where that’s part of the story. Or maybe how other writers write about the Maya civilization, or the Egypt pyramids. Or, in this case, how Dan Brown uses Da Vinci’s works to create a great story…

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Okay, so it’s not really a gold prize. But what is it?

Standard & Latin American Dance

It somewhere says that the exam commission declares that I passed the Gold (3rd year) exam on Saturday 5 June, 2004. Even though we made tons of mistakes. I was slightly nervous in the beginning. And it was really hot (I had my suit on). We got graded too, but they’ll reveal the test scores a bit later.

Reaction to Liz: The diploma covered: English Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Slowfox, Cha cha cha, Rumba, Samba and Jive.

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No rain

This is a nice street in Rotterdam ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I guess they’re doing a good job to fix up the street. This is the street in Rotterdam where a lot of Chinese stores and restaurants are located, so it’s basically called China Town. Even if it’s really small.

No rain

And, why oh why is it raining again? And cold again? It’s already June! I think in at least June through August, it should be raining only at night.

Anime2004 / AnimeCon.nl

I bought Azumanga Daioh manga ๐Ÿ˜€ Other than that, I watched a couple of anime, made pictures of cosplayers, played some games, made a fuzzy drawing thingy (see picture), had about 3.5 hours of sleep each night. Well, it was fun.

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