Taiwan Tour

Overseas Chinese Taiwan Youth Study Tour August 2002 (Formosa Love Boat Camp XI)

The Taiwan tour was three crazy weeks of cultural exposure, heat, local food, counselors (mentors), lunch boxes, beds without pillows and mattresses, curfews, museums, shopping, sight-seeing, a few classes and more cultural exposure. But most of all, they are three weeks of Taiwan, fun and meeting new people.





04 Apr 2009: Amsterdam meeting
Meeting with Lisa and Lisa’s friend Byron, Michelle and Michelle’s friends, Danny, Yat-Sing and Kenneth.
27 Dec 2007: Kenneth goes Toronto
Meeting with Van, Jeff, Lisa and Anna.
16 Nov 2007: Meeting in Rotterdam
Local Dutch meeting in the Pizza Hut.
11 Nov 2007: Meeting in The Hague
Local Dutch meeting.
Mar 2006: Pauline goes Taiwan
Pauline visits Taiwan for 1.5 months.
Feb 2006: Jia-Chwen goes UK
Jatsen visits Yvonne for 12 days.
Previous meetings and meeting pictures…

Lost & Not Found

Contact me if you have working e-mail addresses for the following people: Alain Rattavan, Paul Tavand, Randy Chai, Yves Wang, Yvonne Yuan and Vivian (counselor).


Journal: Week 1
Journal: Week 2
Journal: Week 3




Group picture

517 Responses to “Taiwan Tour”

  1. websturr says:

    this is awesome still!

  2. Lisa says:

    Kenneth – just wanted to say THANK YOUUUUUUUU for keeping up this site. It has truly been a life saver!

    Hope you had a fantastic wedding and are enjoying married life! :)

  3. Norman says:

    Hi Kenneth, thanks for keeping the site up-dated. Just want to wish everyone the best for 2010…. 2 more years and it will be the 10 year anniversary ! “Reunion Time”!

  4. Pauline says:

    Thanks Kenneth for keeping the site.

  5. Shirly says:

    Hi Kenneth,
    Wow, you still keep a webpage for the Taiwan tour? It’s a good thing you are doing… allowing us to keep in touch and remember all the good times. Thanks.
    I’m doing well… recently moved to Sydney, Australia for work.
    Take care,

  6. cheng-ling says:

    Hi! I just accidentally found this website! Wow! Can’t believe it. Does anyone still remember me from the Taiwan tour?? :( maybe not. Anyway, just wanna say hello to all those friends from the tour. six years ago already???!!

  7. WEBSTURR says:

    oh by the way that was 6 years not 5 years :(

  8. Web Sturr says:

    So it has been 5 great years?
    Well I’m going to Europe again.
    Leaving Vancouver on August 30th
    My Contiki Tour Starts Sept 1 – 12

  9. Kenneth says:

    Still doing great. Too bad we can’t do a 5-year reunion in Taiwan :P That’d be seriously awesome. How about you Webster, what’s up?

  10. Web Sturr says:

    So it has been 5 great years?
    Where is everybody?
    Danny in Holland? Kenneth? Liz? Kwok Tai? Michelle?
    Fred in Germany?

  11. Kenneth says:

    Hey Aglaia,

    Doing good here. How’s life in Germany? Nope, I don’t have plans to visit Taiwan this year. I don’t know if any of the other people are going either.

  12. Aglaia says:

    Hi dear people!
    How are you??
    Is actually anybody planning on going to Taiwan this summer, perhaps another study tour? I am thinking about it…
    I would love to hear something from you.

    Many greetings!

  13. JKOO says:

    hey! Guess what… hehe.. You missed my notes Kenneth…

    I visited Taiwan in May… for one whole week.

    I went to Alishan, Taipei, Kao Shiung, Chia Yi. I had lots of fun and took so many pictures. hehe.. capturing this part of my history of life… hehe…

    Jenny KOO
    Greetings from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    Oct. 1, 2006 (Happy Birthday China)

  14. Fred says:

    Hi! Does anybody still have contact to the counselors? I’ll go to Taiwan next month and it would be cool if I can meet them again. (Actually I don’t have any other friends in Taiwan. hahaha…) So if anyone of you does have any information about them, please tell me. I will reward it with beer by next meeting! :)

  15. Webster says:

    Going to Florida this summer. Maybe I will visit Europe again at other time.

  16. Maxime says:

    Hi Kenneth, I’m just back from Hong Kong. I went to Taiwan 3 weeks ago (May 2006). Hope I can see all of you in Europe or in Asia. ^^ Cheers

  17. Liz says:

    Kenneth, I do not know if I can meet up with the counselors of course they may contact me for meetings etc.) however in Webster’s case, he said he’d come. Which means he’d better be here!!! So I can join in the fun ^__^

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