Drachten praise

A praise day in Drachten (Friesland, Netherlands). Today was a very blessed day of praise & worship and fellowship with other churches.

First Chinese lesson

I learnt some Chinese! It’s hard to pronounce, to write the characters and to associate the char with the right translation. But it was fun!

First week of college

End of the first week of college: It was pretty fun, I think I’m gonna like doing this study :o). Also a family dinner in Rotterdam with close family but also with very very far family. This night we (sis, cousin) went to an Asian Party in Bunnik and met up with Herlina, Brian and Johan. Partying ‘n dancing all night was fun!

First day of college

Today was my first day of college. Luckily I managed to find the right building and the right classroom. Dang it’s hot today.


Went to have a great time with some friends: to see the movie Dogma with some friends (CJO, TUD, YGT) and getting a burger at Burger King.

Party next week

An attempt to go party failed, so we just went out for a drink and walked around in the rain. It ended up in viewing two videos we rented: American History X and the Bone collector My sis thought that the Asian Party in Bunnik was this Friday, but it turned out to be next week. So guess where we’re goin next week.

Shopping in Amsterdam

My cousin is in Europe for 2 months and now he’s stopping by in A’dam. So we’re gonna go shopping: My sister, my cousin Peter, Herlina and me.

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