Train rain

RAIN. I was trying to get to school, but first 3 trains didn’t go. So I missed a class completely and came late for the next. Going back home was a disaster too :-/.

Soo much dryer

I was outside for about 2 minutes and I was completely wet cos of the rain. Haha, I went back inside and asked if I could take the car, it’s soo much dryer that way.

Chinese Christmas

Guess what… I already have to learn a Christmas song! For school. Chinese school. And the Christmas song is Chinese. Haha, I can’t keep up with the words!!

Party and sleep

Today some more sleeping! I really needed to catch up all of my sleep I didn’t get during school period and the party yesterday. It feels good :)

Good day of rest

After a good night of party comes a good day of rest. So that’s what I basically did today: SLEEP ^_^. And I can tell you: That was fun too. haha :)

Asian Party Escape

Party!!! The Escape Venue, Amsterdam, was insanely packed, cos of the Asian Party. Despite the long line to get in, I had a great time there…

AsianAvenue Meet

Met up with some friends from We went eating (dim sum), went to see some Chinese sports thing, go-karting and dinner.

Almost holidays

Sorry (especially to my regular visitors ^_^) that there aren’t many updates here, school is just too busy. Next week is holiday tho!

Making choices YGT

This nite was YGT. The theme was “making choices”, and I think there were about 30 people. I think it all went very well and we learned from the Word.

Second Chinese lesson

Today was my second Chinese lesson! The teacher talks so fast, I hardly can keep up, I guess I have to practice A LOT, or more :-).

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