I recently started drawing manga-style figures again. I think I’m improving ^_^ I’ll post some drawings up my site when I get the scanner working again okay, so stay tuned.


There was this conference thing about design vs. hard-core technical stuff (on computer stuff). Pretty interesting. In the lunch break me and my roommate went to the city to get something to drink. I made sure I picked up some cream soda’s and he got some Chinese drinks at one of the Chinese stores here. Yummee.


Hiya! Sorry I’m not doing much stuff here. Just going to school, at home playing Final Fantasy (still on disc 2) and WipeOut on the PlayStation, and attempting to cook. Nothing special. See ya!


Another rainy Sunday, I’m off to church so see you later… Later: I just designed+printed out some new business cards for myself. Yay =)


I learned a few new Chinese words today. Two of them were: Mama and papa. Woohoo. I hope I’m able to remember those words ^_^ haha.

Disc Two

Whoo the Fantasy is really cool. I’m now starting at disc two! Well, after the weekend that is, cause I’m gonna head to my parents place this weekend…


I got the game Final Fantasy VIII and momentarily I’m hooked by it! I hope I’ll get Squall through all the assignments.

Long day

Today was a pretty long school day. Although one class was canceled, we had to do an interview and do all the assignments on it. It’s almost 6:30 PM and I’m still at school :-(.

Back home

I’m back home for the weekend, and my room here seems so empty (although it’s still a mess :). I think I’m gonna go back home each weekend because I have Internet here ^_^.

Last tests

Today were the last tests. Again, one of them went great, the other: I have no idea if I passed this one. I still need to find a supermarket, but I didn’t feel like it, because all of the rain.

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