Again another HUGE dinner, the New Years Eve dinner. This time more with Indonesian food and snacks (nasi kuning, lumpia’s and more). We toasted pretty early, just after 10pm.


Today more food! A big Christmas turkey in a big Christmas lunch. Most of us were pretty full after eating so we just sat down in the living room and played video games ^_^.

Christmas eve

After an eight-hour flight, we were able to get a quick sleep and then it was already Christmas eve dinner. It was with about 30 people, so it sure was very gezellig ^_^. It’s nice to meet all the Canadian family back again.

Season Greetings

Hey all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishing you all lots of luck, love and happiness!!! To all my dear family, acquaintances and friends (school, church, Chinese lessons, etch), I wish you all a very fortunate and happy new year. Bless you all.


The church service today was being recorded for radio broadcasting, pretty neat! So next week you can hear me saying “Merry Christmas” in Chinese on national radio 5 when the service is on the air at 6.


Chinese lesson :) Wew our teacher starts talking faster now. Whoa next week we have to sing “merry Christmas”… whoa next week we have a test! We had a present-evening (“pakjes avond”) in the church this evening. The food was a little bit too little, the presents too ^_^, but altogether it was a lot of fun ^_^ I laughed a lot :)


CRAP! As of today I’m Hfl 64,50 poorer. That’s what you get don’t stamp your ticket properly in the street car… GRRR. 64,50 Guilders… that kinda hurt a bit. Went to a restaurant for dinner with some friends, pretty cool.


Today was another fine day, with another Chinese lesson, with another great lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sigh.


I did an attempt to make fried rice, and well… it was eatable, haha ^_^. So it didn’t have the right fried rice taste, but it was good enough (yumyum… I put carrots, egg and ham in it).


Whaa we got too many stupid assignments for school grrr. We have to go to a museum and make pictures (which is usually not allowed there) and write max 8 pages about it. Sheesh… HELP!!!

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