Seeing all that anime, manga and fanart makes me so sad. My work is nowhere near it >_< so I’ll be practising some more and more. And more. As soon I get to scan something I’ll post it on my website! I also drew my version of Megumi Morisato ^_^ okay gotta practise drawing some moreeeeeee….


Last Fri through Sun I went to an Anime convension. Three days of watching Japanimation series and movies and buying anime/manga stuff. I added some Oh My Goddess! issues to my collection and now know what “baka” means in Japanese ^_^.


Now my computer isn’t working anymore. Stupid computers. So there probably wont be too many updates of my site next couple of weeks cos of the puter, other probs and the Anime Odessey next weekend. Byee…. Just as I finished writing, my watch broke. Yay. And yeah I’m writing this on an old computer (mouse and floppy drive don’t work). Someone help meeeh!!!


I just looked up the website, and saw that my favorite movie has 10 academy awards nominations! Pretty good eh? Oh which film? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, of course! Flowers?


Stayed this mid-week-weekend at home. Good to sleep late again, I really neede that. And furthermore, all I did was watching TV, computer and drawing, just to take my mind off everything.


A (distant) relative passed away and the funeral was today… it’s so sad to see the ones we love go away. I’m glad they’re off to a better place now, no more pain, no more sorrow.


The third period of my school started again, and we were warned that this is the toughest period… whaa! I guess I’ll have to stop skipping classes ^_^. And it’s also mail-your-valentine-card-day >_< Okay byeee!


After a nice spicey lunch in church (how great is God, how small are we, how small does God work in us, how great will we become), there’s a dinner with friends in Rotterdam. It was a bday party for 2 friends… February is a birthday month, so many of my friends were born in February. So it’ll be busy ^_^.

New Year again

It’s Lunar New Year again! Nah just kidding. Well there was another new year happening, and this time full of Chindo’s. Really full and packed, but it was okay I guess.


Went to the movies with BravoGirl aka Lisa: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And then went to do a little shopping with her in the city of Rotterdam for a while :).

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