Had two friends visiting. They do streetdance, so after a lot of food they went practising. In my (about) 9 square meter room, which was not too optimal ^_^. Anyway we also went to do some badminton while my roommate was staying home learning for his midterms.

Can’t speak

We had to practise again for the next service in church, because the young people/youth will do the singing this time. I can hardly sing now cos I sang too much last friday >_< my voice is a lil bit reduced too. Went watching anime the whole day too (Marmalade boy and Ramna 1/2). Fun stuff!

Good Thang

Yesterdays Youth Group Thing (see below) was very cool! A lot of people showed up. I think there’ll be pictures of it up soon, so keep checking the YGT website ^_^.


Tonite Youth Group Thing – Christian youth/young people meeting… it’ll be great ^_^ if you’re in netherlands, be there ^_^. Pff today was way too early to get up. Today is the only day where I have to get up (for me:) early, at about 7:45. I’m tired.


It was a very nice day yesterday, very sunny. Today started out cloudy, but it’s now a little bit sunny as well. I like it! It’s been raining way too much the past few weeks.


I have been a little bit sick lately… sore throat and all that. And my thumb hurts from playing too many games. And I’m tired. (Nag).


Yesterday I got about a dozen of ICQ messages, 2 e-mails, 2 e-cards, 2 SMS messages and 1 voicemail. Thanks all ^_^.

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