I’ve been listening to some Indonesian pop lately and exploring it. Well I heard one song by Potret and now it’s one of my favorite bands! Good stuff!


Titanic was on TV so I watched part of it… it was about the last half. So I saw it twice half now, though I can’t say I saw it completely.


Oopz. I *thought* the midterm today was at 15:30… but when I arrived at school I saw all my friends making their way home… ack it was at 13:30. Oh well bad luck. I’d better prepare for the last midterm tomorrow..


Noooo midterms! Today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. The one today is one of the toughest, so I hope I passed this one, though I’m not sure I will. Anyway I’m too busy now so see you later!


Hmm it’s been a while since I wrote something up here. So here’s something new. Happy Easter everyone! I’ve got my midterms coming so I have to go learn.

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