Went to practice a test with some friends Terence and Danique today. And Danique cooked for us! Yummee, it was really delicious! We should do this all again, but without the learning part >_<.


No lessons today, hurray! And guess what… the weather is nice again! It’s almost too perfect ^_^. I haven’t done much lately, just trying to get and to see much anime >_<.


Nooo make it warm again please!! Once again, it’s cloudy and raining in the Netherlands. Sigh.


Woke up pretty early (about 7:45am) because of some obligations -_-. Wew the weather is sooo nice, and there are traffic jams all going to the beaches. Okay ya’ll make sure you do something fun this weekend!


It’s almost 10pm and I just woke up from a good nap, although I’m not entirely fresh yet. I’m still a little bit dizzy and tired from the past week. But being this tired? Dang what’s wrong with me?


Argh school is so busy. All those stupid stuff we have to make. Oh well better than maths or learning from books I guess. Woohoo the weather is soo nice.. enjoy!


I’ll try to draw more, whenever time allows me. I still need a lot of practise. Maybe I’ll start a comic some time… nah maybe in 10 or 20 years? Haha.


It’s my sisters birthday! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Julie, happy birthday to you! Hip hip, hurray!


And it’s not only cold, it’s raining outside as well. Nooo! And we have so much to do for our stupid school project. oh well…


Went to go badminton with my house mate again. All the way in Delft. I think we’re improving our play and technique… nah okay maybe just a teeny little bit ^_^.

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