Last day of chinese school! It’s the ending party ^_^ and I got a 10-guilder cd coupon for being best student of the class, yay! There was another YGT christian youth meeting, which was about christian lifestyle, and which was a very blessed evening…


Today is my first and last exam/midterm/test (however you call it) for this period! All we have to do now is to finish our project and we’re off…


Saskia invited a bunch of people to dance-school’s 3rd anniversary so I went there. She had an MTV Dance performance, which was really amazing! And now I know a bit salsa, because there was a little workshop for it ^_^ After that there was a little disco party, which was great!


The annual Pasar Malam Besar is here again! I think I’m going with my mom there today to buy some goodies or to eat some yummie indonesian food.


I guess nothing special is going on. That why I’m not really going to write anything here, so if you’re still reading this you’re probably wasting your time. Not that all my other entries are important. Oh well.


The jongerendag was pretty fun! Went there with Terence, and also met up a bit with my other friends. The praise was good, the bands too, altough I got a bit tired at the end. After that I had a yummy (+salty) dinner made by my sister ^_^.


I’m gonna go up to my sis’ place in Amsterdam, cos tomorrow there this christian youth concert thing. The computer where the scanner is, isn’t working >_< sigh I wanna scan in my drawings… help!


Yes! I’ve been drawing some manga-styled characters again lately, so expect to see some soon here ^_^. I also tried to draw some cute (kawaii!!) characters on the computer, but wew I think I’m gonna practise on normal paper first, cos it’s really hard >_


When I’m at home, usually I fall right back asleep after I press the snooze button on my alarm clock. But in the spring/summer, there are birds living near my window and they are chattering all the time, not letting me back to sleep, whoa.


Sorry! I know I haven’t been updating my site too much lately, it’s just that I have so many other things on my mind! But I try as much as I can okay? Just for you!

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