Went to Rotterdam for a bit with my friends, there was this festival thing going on. Oh man it was sooo overcrowded in Rotterdam, and the weather was so good! Too bad I had to go early, but after that we had an okay family visit.


Today was the last day of the children’s Vacation Bible Study in our church, and this year was as much fun as last year of course!


Hurray another Wednesday Night Skate! Too bad most people couldn’t come (at least 6 should’ve come along, but only 1 came). But it was fun anyway, the almost two-hour skate.


I have nothing to write. Another useless message broadcasted on the Internet. Sigh.


Yes, still cloudy outside but it’s supposed to get sunny in the afternoon. And after a couple of sunny days, come a few rainy days, starting tomorrow (at least, that’s what the weather forecast said). And tomorrow, the Wednesday Night Skate are supposed to start! I hope it won’t rain in the evening…


I’m going to a barbeque today, so I pray that it won’t rain today, because that would just not be funny: bbq in the rain. I’m still working on another drawing (making a computer drawing from the original pencil one), and I think it will turn out very beautiful.


There are some days when you wish you could stay in bed the whole day.


Woohoo! I sent in some fan-art to Aniway magazine (a Dutch magazine about Anime). I hope they will place it in their next issue. I guess I’ll have to be patient cos their last issue was just published a couple of weeks ago. Yay!


Okay here’s a top 4 of the hardest things to draw (persons): Hands, emotion, deformation, everything else. So now you know why my drawings have any hands, emotion, or deformation ^_^.


Sekarang, hampir berlibur (ada waktu)! Jadi, saya belajar bahasa indonesia dari buku “Bahasa Indonesia – Book One: Introduction to Indonesian Language and Culture”. Tetapi ada banyak kata-kata… belajarnya banyak :-/. Baiklah, saya pergi coba ^_^

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