It’s already my last week of vacation before school starts again. I saw the movie Gorgeous (with Jackie Chan), and I really enjoyed that movie: A lot of fun, action, laughter and romance… really a recommendation, in my opinion!


There’s this China Festival up in Rotterdam this weekend, went there today with my parents and my cousin/family. It wasn’t anything tooo special, but it was kinda nice I think.


Went to my grandparents in Belgium with my parents today. I took a lot of beautiful pictures of their garden with my digicam. Maybe I should start a kind of gallery or something with them… who knows, maybe.


I’m back from my week of vacation in Beijing, China! It really was great! Beijing is fun and beautiful. It was pretty hot, and we saw lots of things and we went shopping too. And I got to practice my chinese in real life a little bit ^^.


Going to Beijing, China today! So I have to wrap up packing, make sure I put everything in. Yeah I packed my toothbrush too, anything else I need to pack?


Yay it’s time for the Wednesday Night Skate Rotterdam again, it is the forelast time, but it’s the last time for me cos i’ll be somewhere else next week. Anyway it was fun with Nathan, Andrew, Fanny, Bruce, and friends.

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