Yes, I know I’m lagging a bit with this “dairy”. Anyway, this is already the fourth week of school this schoolyear, and we have tons of (group) assignments to do. Blurgh.


Another 2 hours of chinese school has finished! After I grabbed a bite to eat in a McDonald’s, me and my parents went to Belgium for a birthday party of Devy and Jennifer.


After a late night comes an early morning. Argh. But oh well, this is kinda my part time job: being a student assistant for one of the college courses. But still, I’m very sleepy.


Wednesday is badminton day, err, evening. It’s kinda fun to be a bit physically active ^^. And it seems more and more friends are coming along to badminton. The more people the merrier!


Woohoo! I finally officially finished my first year of college! Oftewel, ik heb eindelijk m’n P in handen!! Door een fout in het systeem had ik ‘m eind vorig jaar niet gekregen.. grr, maar nu heb ik ‘m… finally!!


What can I say. School has begun 1.5 week ago, chinese school started last Saturday, and my website is finally back online after some server and backup server trouble! I think I need to update my site again… well, maybe I will change it later. See ya!

I can’t believe what happened today. Prayers go out to all the victims and their families of the terrorist actions in the United States.

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