Christmas dinner was held with the whole family, all 18 people together. And on this occasion again many pictures were taken. So I think I’ll put up some of the many pictures on my website soon, so check back soon.

Xmas 4

And this night was the 4th christmas service, again in our church. Phoey, it was really really crowded! The musical went pretty good, so I’ve heard. We made tons of pictures after the service. It was a very good and blessed christmas eve.

Xmas 2+3

The children’s christmas musical in our church was soo cool. And funny, and cute, and sweet, and funny! So this was the 2nd christmas service. The third was in Amsterdam (Air Hidup). It’s so good to meet all of my friends(->family) again!!


Okay, christmas is now really starting. After chinese lessons, I attended the christmas service there… In chinese. I couldn’t understand much tho. At all, actually, I still have way too many chinese words to learn. I sat next to Winny, and she was bored too ^^.


And when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re beat the next morning. Especially when you have to get to school. After that I packed everything from my room to get home and went to David’s graduation presentation, which was pretty interesting. Back with the train, I couldn’t find my bike, as it was misplaced. And the lock on my bicycle was forced. Sigh.


An eat-jam-praise+worship meeting at my sister’s. Yeah, that was really really great, getting to know people more in the fellowship, and getting to know God better!! As always an awesome experience!! After arriving back home, my and my roommate had a long chat till 5am.

The Ring

Went to the movie Lord of the Ring with Feda Wai-Shung Ifa Wati Saskia Norbert Vanessa Chun-Fai and James. As always, it was a fun evening-night, the burger king meal was delicious. Oh and the shooting pool game sucked, but that’s just because I’m unable to hit any of the balls. Oh well. I had a great time.


The weekend is almost over again. Tonight my dad brought me and my sister back to The Hague and Amsterdam, to my place he drove as fast as he could, because he really needed to go to the bathroom… don’t worry, we made it just in time ^_^


The last YGT meeting of the year today! After the cool chinese school I went back to help out a lil. The YGT christian youth meeting was really wonderful, especially this night: a lot happened, but overall it turned out to be a very blessed evening, as always.


A couple that I know from church have their wedding today! I went to the marriage blessing in the church tonight. It was really amazing! Weddings are so beautiful ^_^!

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