My streetdancing friend Lisa had a performance, so we (the Lisa funclub… or something) went to watch it. And it was really cool (it looks so cool! I wish I could do that ^^). Also met the great drawing artist Xandra again, yay!

Dancing 3

At chinese lessons I made some stupid mistakes, so I think on this test it’s my lowest score of this year. But it’s still a 94/100. After that was a quick sushi lunch.. yum (itadakimasu)! And dancing lessons were fine too. Just a little quiet (yes even more quiet than before).


Went out to dinner with some friends: my, now, ex-room/housemates Feda and Shu-Yan and with Saskia and two friends of Feda. Anyway, yeah I enjoyed it very much, because it’s always fun to hang out with friends ^^.

Dancing 2

Today I went to Rotterdam by car for the first time (for chinese school), and I hardly got lost ^_^. After that I went to Rijswijk for a second look for dancing lessons. Is it just me, or are there too many guys and a shortage of girls, in these dancing schools? Eh? You’re saying it’s just me? Oh well…


After cleaning my room and moving some stuff around I went back home. I had dinner right away and then went to the cellgroup meeting, which was cool, ofcourse. I’m sure that our youth (jongeren) will continue to grow to each other as one and grow spiritually. This is just the beginning, but it’ll be great!


Yay, and now I have internet in my room too (thanks too Yasser). And it’s fast too. So from a no-internet situation for a year, to fast internet, yay. My place is still dusty, I guess I’ll go clean it tomorrow.


It’s a bit weird sleeping at this new place. The room is new, the look is new, the smell is new. And there’s a refrigerator in my room. So I have to get used to that sound when I go to bed. But yay, the place is big, and I can actually walk around now (in the old place I was squeezed between my bed and a closet).


Yay I got the key to my new studentapartment! I had the appointment at 3pm, but the dude came half an hour late. But after an hour of filling out forms, I had the key, and after dinner we (my parents, and my, now, ex-roommate Feda) moved my stuff from the old place to the new one.


Gabby sent me an email about there going to be a praisenight tonight, so I decided to go there (school, picking my guitar and passport up from home, dropping them off again, having hardly anything for dinner). Okay I arrived there a big bit late and I was afraid that I couldn’t find the place. But the praisenight was fun (the games, THE GAMES ^_^) and interesting (like I don’t understand chinese/cantonese at all). But yeah it was enjoying ^^


After chinese lessons, I went to another (ballroom) dancingschool, so my parents brought me there. Again to take a look. Well, it’s different from the other one I checked. This one has more kids, hehe, and they fool around alot, hhah so funny. But I still need a parner to dance with, any volunteers? ^^

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