Whoo jet-lag ^^ nah just the hour of the daylight saving time change. And guess what!? I was baptised today! It’s all Gods way, he’s working everywhere, and this is only the beginning! And the apple-pineapple pancake later was delicious, hehe.


The whole week has been very sunny! And it makes me feel extra happy ^^ I just went out to make some pictures of some of the beautiful trees blossoming, it’s really amazing.


The Jovo (“young adults”) Sunday service! It went really good (even with some nervousness)! After we went to Schipluiden to eat some yummie pancakes, and they were extra yummie because we were all really hungry (and the weather was so great btw).


Today was the last practise before the Sunday service. And guess what! It all went very good! In comparison to last year, with this one we also have more people taking a part in it, so we also got to know eachother a little better too, and got to know more and other people and made more friends! Yay!


Our youthgroup in church will hold a special service next week, so we went practising for it. Except for some minor problems everything went pretty well, so I’m excited for next week! Be there!


As usual, i’m taking my weekly dose of two hours chinese language. Today we learned how to use the days of the week in Chinese and next week will be time ^^. This is more useful than learning to say that small birds fly low and big birds fly high. Next was dancing lessons. What always confuses me is which way to go when turning. And is it just me, or don’t a lot of people know how to keep moving with the rhythm of the music? Oops, nevermind, I don’t want to hurt any people…


Okay we have to do so many assignments for school, it isn’t funny anymore (not that it ever was). Well, I guess I have to keep hanging in there, so wish me luck, hehe.


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in church, had a surprise birthday cake for me.. aww so sweet. Thanks! You’re the best! Anyway, back home, I took a nap for about 3 hours till 7pm. That makes up a lil for the sleep I needed.


And today early to because of class. I kinda feel like i’m jet-lagged to like my parents, except that I haven’t been on a relaxing vacation far away, like they did. Meuh.


I woke up at 5am, then travelled around the country back and forth for about 4 hours traveling time, to pick up my parents from the airport. I’m really beat. Yesterday friends over, and today up early.

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