Nope, I didn’t do anything special this orange dutch queensday. Just picked up my parents from the airport, and hang in front of the tv all day. And took a 4-hour nap. That was nice.


Oh man, what is this dreaded noise so early in the morning… oh wait… it’s my alarm clock… three times. Gaht. Let’s go to school this rainy day.


Feda called me and notified me of an email. This guy wrote that he liked our designs and was looking for a job or something like that. But now I’m just surfing the web and I only realise that whatever I made is still crap, because there is soo much good stuff out there. Stuff that looks incredibly cool, just amazing. And when I see that, I think, oh man, I wish I could something that comes close that that. I guess I’ll have to practice more…


Chinese school was okay (note to self: hua is not the same as shui). Dancing school was okay too. So I guess Sioe-Lie will be my dance-partner anyway, which is good. The praisenight was really good, I can’t wait till the next ^^


Another nite with our cellgroup. This time a bit more people attended, which was good.


We had to make a portfolio website for school, so I fixed something up. Take a look, if you want. Of the other people in class, a couple were good, most were average… and some were really disappointing. I guess I can’t get my inspiration from the peepz at school -__-.


Chinese school! I made some stupid mistakes on the test, so I had a 94 out of 100. And, as usual, we (Lisa and some other people) went out for a bite to eat after chinese school. After chinese school comes dancing class. Today the english waltz and the cha cha. I can’t believe we’re doing the cha cha over and over again, it’s the easiest one, and practically everyone already knows how to do it! The other dances are more difficult, but we don’t practice those… I don’t get it! Anyway it was fun tho. Especially those kids are so funny (Vincent, Cheryl).
It was a busy day today. This night was another YGT! This time it was held in Delft, and lots and lots of people showed up… someone counted up to 112 people! And even when that was finished, we dropped by a restaurant at 1am to fill our tummies and occupied 4 round tables. Anyway, got home at 3am and fell asleep just like that ^^.


Yay, it’s the end of exam week! I can finally relax a little… I think… oh wait, I think i still have some assignments to do for next week. Okay I guess I’ll do that a bit later then, hehe.


Okay first thing like each Saturday: Chinese school up in Rotterdam. Later I went to Amsterdam where a few friends (Robert, Dru, Dan, Patrick) were going to be baptised! Really amazing… And really good too see all the Amsterdam (AirHidup+ACC!) people again.


A mini Sunday service in the morning (with yummie rice-porridge as breakfast), my sis and I had to do the musical part and it went fairly good ^^. I guess God wants me to use my talents (however small they are, hehe) and I’m glad. In the afternoon we went out for pancakes. I guess it’s pancake season, because this is the third consequent Sunday that I’ve been eating pancakes for lunch. I didn’t make a lot of pictures this weekend, but others did, so I’ll post some pictures here soon enough (I hope, haha).

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