In preperation for the tour to Taiwan in August, one of the things I had to get was an health certificate from my family doctor. So, yesterday, I visited my doctor for the first time, so he concluded I was pretty healthy, as I’ve never been to him before in my life. Anyway, I now have proof, on paper, that I’m healthy! yay!


I wanted to go to dancing school after chinese school, but I decided not to go at the last moment, as I ran out of time. Because practicing for the praisenight started at 3pm. That went all good, I had a great time with you all (Tim Marc Ste Fer Clau Fel Fan Janet Les). Oh, Sherly and Veronica, I’m glad you enjoyed the fries ^^. And I hope, after all that singing, my throat will be okay tomorrow.


I’ve been asked to play guitar at the next biblestudy. So far I’ve been able to look up the chords for one song, and I’ve figured out the chords for 1.5 songs ^^. I think I’m gonna buy a booklet soon, so I’ll at least know how all the lyrics are. || I changed the graphics a little from this layout. I’ll probably be tweaking it some more later. And still only two people tagged my tagboard (on the left), what’s up with that?


Designing itself isn’t hard, because it all comes from inspirations and your own gut feeling, your own standard of liking something, your own border of knowing what is good or not. But when you have to design for someone, using given requirements, and a given set of colors and elements, it’s soooo hard. Our school project, we have to remake this website. And also, I’m thinking of redesigning my website again (this one is since 7 May). This version 6 website still isn’t good enough. Well, let’s see after I have some more time…


Happy Birthday Sis! And because of my sisters (and my moms) birthday, we went to Rotterdam to have a big lunch. Together with family and friends we occupied three round tables. And when we were finished, the sun was shining brightly. || Severe sleep struck me. And even though the lunch was big and late, I’m still hungry for dinner. I think my stomach is messed up a bit, I’ve been eating at unregular times lately. So let’s find some food!


I discovered that my site was linked on this MagicGirl dreams… site by Rosaline. A pretty purple blog site. || I got another 100 in chinese school, yay. Finally I didn’t make any stupid mistakes this time. Hey Amy and Winny, why are you trying to tease me? Stop making fun of me ;-). Dancing school was okay this time, I actually knew all the steps and figures and all that. And tonight will be Felix’s (my sis’ boyfriend) birthday party. || Congratulations GabriĆ«lle and Kimberly on your baptising!


The weather was really nice outside. So that’s how Huahe and me said to go inline skate later. That was after a bite to eat and a small nap, because we were both tired from the past week (late to bed, waking up early for school). So yeah that was nice. Although Huahe could do all sorts of tricks, and I can only do step-overs. I can’t even brake properly. Wait, I can’t even skate at all, but I still do it (anyone care to join me some time, skating? The more people, the merrier!).


The elections for the government are today. The past weeks were all chaos. But it’s going okay now. Let’s hope our lil country will be okay next four years. After voting, I continued to wander around down-town, and I had my photo camera with me. I walked a bit too far so I took the street car back until it stopped near the main government building. So I stepped out and made some pictures around there, just like all the media, camera and radio people that were there as well. And the tourists. The weather was nice, so it was really enjoying. Back home, after dinner, I’m just bored, as usual.


Umm… who with adsl/zonnet as a provider (maybe from region Amsterdam) is trying to pull a prank me? || Happy Birthday Mom!


There weren’t that many people/couples at dancing class today. From my class, to be exact, there was only one. Me. So I had to practice alone and now and then with Cherryl. Let me tell you this: dancing alone isn’t fun.

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