My cousin Ione’s birthday was last Tuesday, and the birthday party was today, combined with little Justin’s birthday. There was a lot of school talk and I found out Erika is a very amusing story teller ^^ funny stuff, hehe. Birthday parties are so fun… I succeeded in annoying Tara and Cynthia by taking unexpected pictures. I also managed to shoot some hands on camera. Oh, man, what’s so good about hands? I need funny face pictures!


Today was the last chinese school day! So there was an end of the school year “party”. After the somewhat boring formalities, like last year, there were was weird food, spicey food, yummie food. Well yeah, there was food. And there were things to do, like cutting out figures, chinese painting and some other stuff that I wouldn’t want to do anyway. I had a hard time making the dragonfly, with all the knots, but now I figured it out, and understand how it works, so I’m really content with myself today.

After all of this, Lisa kinda decided it was bubble-tea-time, which came with some, ofcourse, yummie sushi. I had the strawberry bubble tea. How it tasted? It was cold, it tasted strawberry flavored, and it had interesting brownish stuff in it, which must be the bubbles. It was yummie! But I must warn you, because when the drink is almost finished, it gets kinda dangerous. Because, for sure, you want to finish all the bubbles, which is a hard thing to do. And when you suck to hard on the straw, one of those bubbles might shoot into your throat. But all in all, this risk is very acceptable, considering the taste and the interesting bubbles, hehe ^^.


Asian TV shows/drama’s. I’m watching every title and episode I can get my hands on. The latest one is the Japanese-Korean “Friends” (フレンズ). I saw the first episode (with English subtitles) and I want to see more. So I went looking for more, but all I found, so far, are episodes 2 through 4 with chinese subtitles. So I watched them anyway. Just with some Chinese knowledge and some very very basic Japanese.
      Watching what happens and with the few snippets of text I understand, I’m now kind of making my own story of it. So it’s interactive now. Making my own story off it. One very blurry story. I need those English subtitles. Sigh. And I don’t get far with that little Japanese I know, because half of the dialog is in Korean. By the way, the title for my current site is inspired by something in Friends: The guy in it is making a movie called Looking for Love (사랑을찾아서, I hope I copied this correctly). Anyway, I hope I can watch more of Friends soon, with English subtitles, so I don’t have to struggle with those other languages and make up my own story, but follow what really happens.
      Another series I saw the first episode off is Meteor Garden (流星花園), which is a Taiwanese serie. Watching it was amusing, as I also saw part of the anime Hana Yori Dango (花より男子), and I find that Meteor Garden follows it pretty closely. It’s also fun to recognise some basic chinese that I know. I hope, in my trip to Taiwan this summer, I can practice it for real there. Anyway I want to see more episodes. Don’t just let me hanging there in the beginning of the story…


26 June, 26 June, 26 June. I still keep thinking today is the 26th. But it’s not. Obviously. Somewhere this week I lost track of time. And time lost track of me. I’m tired. And I want to sleep. Long.
      Then how come, everyday, I wake up too soon, too early. So eventually that will make me even more tired. Sleepy. Exhausted. Exhausted from what? Exhausted from nothingness. From being sleepy. From thinking. Looking for a quick nap. Looking for sleep. Longing for a quiet rest. Or longing for even more. And I can’t seem able to find it.


The previous layout (stars on a black background) bothered me. It was far from good, and I couldn’t do much to improve it. And I wanted to do something with flowers or nature for a while, so here it is, it’s night and light and bright and fresh and warm, instead of the previous dark and cold one. I hope you like it all ^^.


Okay, I hardly learned for the exam (SO-40) I had yesterday. Luckily I checked out a previous version of the multiple choice exam an hour before the actual one started. And now, according to the available answers, I *just* passed the test, so I’m glad I got that over with. || Happy Birthday Ione!


Gah. Exams. Raah! I don’t wanna! I want to sleep!


An informational meeting for the “youth study taiwan tour” in Rotterdam! I’m sure it’ll be tons and tons of fun with the group. I might even be able to pick up a new word or two while going there ;) Anyway it was great to meet all the people who’ll be there too, so let’s have some fun ^^. || Our cellgroup this night was very interesting, which is a good sign ^^ let’s grow, people!


I’m having a really bad hair month. It’s a bit too long, it stands in all different places, well, it just looks very horrible. Sigh. Let’s just say that I’m too lazy to have it cut. Maybe I should just let it grow again, like I did about 4-5 years ago, and put it in a tail. Nah, we’ll see whatever grows out of my head…p


Working on the school project again, so, back at school we were working on the project. And a lot of it was copy&pasting, but with all of our good copy&paste skills, it was done in a flash. Well most of it. Okay just some of it, but it will turn out okay, I’m sure.

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