I think I need some exercise. All I’ve been doing lately is sleeping long, long hours, watching shows, eating… Really, if you’d make me run for 5 minutes I’d be exhausted after that. And right now, it’s too hot to do anything too. And next week in Taiwan, it will be even hotter, more humid, less sleeping, more activity. I’ll be really, really exhausted after that, I’m sure.


My alarm clock is annoying. Setting the alarm, doesn’t automatically mean it goes off at that specific time, because you first have to turn it on. The other alarm clock I have is designed better, because if you put it in the Set Alarm Time option, and if you forget putting it back into the alarm mode, it will sound anyway. Oh well, the sun worked and woke me up just in time for me to get ready.
      Arriving in Rotterdam, Kwok-Tai and Evelyn were the first ones to arrive, then came Liz. Stephany was on her way. It seems Danny always has trouble finding his way, as he was waiting at Grand Palace instead of the Tai-Wu restaurant. Although this pre-Taiwan meeting was intended to gt to know eachother more, the same people from last meeting where here. Anyway, I discovered all of us are pretty much a quiet bunch, even Liz.


Okay and now the holiday season has started for our family: today my mom leaves for vacation, so me and my dad brought her to the airport. Before she went, she was all in worries, and putting tons of food in the fridge, so that my dad and me (my sis is still hanging out in Amsterdam) won’t starve from hunger. And pressing each time that we have to water her flowers and her plants in the garden and in the house… Yes mom… yes, we’ll do that and we promise to eat well.
      The Taiwan-meeting… we wanted to have a final meeting her in the Netherlands, with all people who are going with the Taiwan trip, but unfortunately all aren’t able to come next Saturday. Too bad -_-. Well, see you guys in Taiwan then, if I won’t see you on the meeting beforehand…


Last three days a childrens vacation bible study was held in church. So like last two years, I helped again ^^ Anyway, it’s always amazing how many kids come each year, this year there was even a record of the number of children! Cool eh! Oh man, I heard a bit too late that the Wednesday Night Skate event in Rotterdam was not cancelled after all. Some other organisation picked it up. Well, who knows, next week.


I still love that movie the Matrix! I have it on DVD, so I watched it again. Anyway, I woke up pretty early today: close to 7am, because my cousins Mies and Jojo + parents and opa+oma were arriving back from Indonesia. And, as early is early, I am now somewhat jetlagged because of that, hehe. I’m gonna sleep z_Z…


And today we’re getting back the passports! So back to Den Haag (The Hague). This time I went with Danny alone. After that’s been done, I went back to my room(apt) for a few hours, and then I went to Rotterdam.
      I had 5 passports in my bag, and they weren’t all mine, so in Rotterdam, I called Stephany, so I could give the remaining four to her. So she explained how to get to her, but me being such a noob with streetnames, that explaining took a little bit longer that it would normally have, hehe. Well, the 5 minute walk wasn’t too hard after all.
      I saw more friends when I walked through the city center: Veronica and Ione with a Hema-broodje-worst hehe, nice. After I got home I was hungry and tired and thirsty and all, so *nap*.


Today is another step closer to Taiwan! First I went to Rotterdam CS. Got €40 out of the ATM and them met up with Liz who was waiting with James. From Rotterdam we went to Den Haag where we waited for Danny. Liz got her X and as soon as Danny arrived, we were on our way to the Taiwanese embassy to get our visa!
      It was a bit of a disappointment though, when we finally arrived there. The woman behind the counter can’t even speak Chinese. Strange for the embassy of the Republic of China. And the embassador wasn’t there either. So we were out there in like 10 minutes. On our way to the city of Amsterdam! Danny dropped us off at the train station so Liz, James and I were on our way to Amsterdam. We’ll have some counselors/leaders in Taiwan, so a few gifts are in place, and Amsterdam is a great place to get souvenirs. First we figured tulips were great, but then we figured it would be hard to grow them without a garden and all. So real tulips? Nah. Wooden tulips are our choice!
      Oh and today was the first time I went to OCS bookshop here. Gah, it’s so frustrating, not being able to understand the books/manga/artbooks sold there. Well, at least Liz showed me the way here, so next time I know where it is, to get some goodies. So.. I’ll be back!


We, the people who are taking the Taiwan tour, had a mini-meeting in Rotterdam, in the usual place Grand Palace. Out of a (now) 16 people, 7 people attended. And this resulted in me getting 5 passports and some cash, hehe. Nah, I’ll be going to the Taiwanese embassy monday to get the visa’s, together with Danny and Liz. Good that they’re going too, because they have connections there, hehe. Anyway, after lunch, Yat-Sing, Liz, number 13 and me went walking through the city center, entered some clothing shops and all that. AND I discovered more people who like watching anime and reading manga, fun fun fun. Three weeks to go till we’re going to Taiwan…


It’s hot outside and the sun is shining. Ahh this is how it should be! When I was walking around in the city center, I saw someone from behind and I thought it was someone I knew. But that was only for a few seconds, because she walked away. So I’m still thinking: is it someone I know or not… oh well.
      I was chatting with Faradin last night, and he taught me what kind of Japanese verbs there are and how to use the affirmative and negative -masu and -masen forms. Interesting stuff…

Saskia’s Bday

I was studying in Delft for a couple of years, and I made some cool friends from that period ^^. As it was Saskia’s birthday yesterday, she gave her party today, so I could see a lot of my friends: Feda, Wai-Shung, Chun-Fai, Anouk, Fatma, Vanessa, Ifa and some I met later: Wati and Marion.
      Well, I must say, Wai-Shung is an excellent DDR dancer, though I’m a little disappointed in Saskia, because normally she’s a great dancer, but I guess that DDR game just isn’t her thing. More discoveries: Vanessa and Wati are the racing game freaks, Fatma.. wow… excellent singer. The snacks and food Saskia made with her mom were obviously delicious (yah dong enak sekali :P). And it’s true, you discover more things about your friends each time you see them, don’t you think so? Well, it’s been fun. Thanks Feda for looking for the present ^^; and thanks Wati for the ride back!!

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