Last two nights I’m back to 8~9 hours of sleep, on a soft matrass, with a big soft pillow, without bedcheck or wake up calls. Back to bread and milk for breakfast instead of rice porridge and eggs and cold sweet tea or some soy drink. Back to bread for lunch or instant noodles instead of rice and all sorts of different (strange?) foods. Back to normal toilets instead of squatters where you’d have to bring your own toilet paper. Back to a place where it’s cold outside and warm inside, instead of cold inside and hot outside.
      Although this make it sound that a lot of negative things happened in Taiwan, I miss it. The people, the friends… the atmosphere, together with everyone. Those three weeks were definately not enough. Back with new friends in Taiwan, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain and friends here in the Netherlands.


I’m back. Three weeks, my luggage gained 8 kg in weight, my body lost 1.5 kg in weight, new experiences, 9 rolls of film (of 36), unforgettable memories and I gained many good friends.. I miss you all.


Today is our free day off, so we’re going to Taipei after this. So far Taiwan is very hot, around 33 degree celcius (well, hot for me then). People talk way to fast here for me to understand anything. But I’m meeting lots of new people, new friends, and having lots of fun ^^. So till next time! Byeee.


Packing the last things I need to pack, checking if I have everything I need, passport, ticket… Checking how late the train tomorrow leaves, where I have to change trains in Rotterdam, and how late I will arrive. Change of clothes, swimming clothes, spare glasses. Soap, shampoo, hairgel. Oh and my toothbrush and toothpaste. Camera. I think I have it all covered, I even checked it with one of those internet vacation checking lists. I’m think I’m done. I think I’m as good as ready to go. One night to go, I hope I can get enough sleep.

Small chance that I’ll be updating my weblog or that I’ll be online. Whenever I’m online, I’ll at least put a message in my tagboard to say hi ^^. So… see you all later!


What I’ve been doing the past days? Well, nothing really. Watching anime (the anime title X is really amazing… a masterpiece!). Skating a few times (I have to have at least SOME physical exercising), doing some shopping (some cookies, handy tissues, shampoo, all for the vacation). Also, I had some old glasses, so I’m having the glasses transferred to a new frame, because the old one was way out of fashion. So I’m gonna pick those up next Tuesday and use it as my spare glasses (because the glasses themselves are pretty old, so my sight will be vague with them). I guess I have to really start packing now, so I can get stuff from the stores Monday or Tuesday if I miss something.

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