Enough enough enough

I really notice that my parents are back from vacation. Nagging my head off.


Just leave me alone. I already have enough problems of my own, and enough things to do.

The girl I’m attracted to #2

I’ve been thinking some more about this subject after writing the first part. And the more I think about it, the more things come to my mind.

I guess I am picky.

I’ll just keep it simple. I’ll scrap the “Able to sing (not too off-tune)” thing from yesterday, because that’s not really a “requirement”. But that point does include something what could be a big turn-off.
So, the biggest turn-offs a girl could have are:

  * Singing way off-tune
  * Bad habits (smoking, alcoholic, drugs)

It’s not that singing is as bad as the bad habits, but it’s just a big turn-off for me.

And what’s really important is that I’m just attracted to girls smiling and laughing. That just makes a girl even more beautiful. A smiling girl. Not afraid to have a big laugh from the heart.

I was also told that girls don’t like sad guys. So I’ll just say this to everyone:

Smile. Haha ^^.

To procrastinate

To procrastinate. All Indonesian people do it. Just putting things off, delaying wherever you can.

We (Fer, Sherly, Vero, me) wanted to go to a movie, just for fun, for a long long time. Believe it or not, but we finally set the date (7 October). I hope Veronica can come too that day. And I hope there will be a movie we can watch.

The girl I’m attracted to

Now, continuing on the four aspects. Since I still don’t know what girls look for in a guy [aspect 1, “Me”] (feel free to react), I’ll continue with aspect 2: The girl.

I know all girls are not the same. There perfect stereotype “sweet” girl doesn’t really exist, and I know that I shouldn’t say “my girl will be like this and that”.

Never say never.
I know, yeah, don’t preach me.

All this said, I still have preferences. And I’m sure you do too, even if you don’t admit it.

In short, this describes the girl I’m attracted to.

  * Asian
  * Christian
  * Not silent (unlike me)
  * Able to sing (not too off-tune)

See? That’s not too bad, isn’t it? Actually, the first one should be “(at least a bit) Asian”.
The second one is okay.
On the third one: I just don’t want our dates or whenever we’re together not to be too boring (like me ^^).

Even with these points, I guess they still don’t really mean everything. I mean, love crosses all boundaries.


I guess this still doesn’t get me anywhere. All this crap for nothing. I’ll have to make up more stories next time.

I actually wanted to add “sweet”. Forget the age limit. And… oh forget it. I don’t want to sound too picky.

Because I’m not.


4th anniversary YGT

he YGT meeting yesterday was wonderful, as usual. Although a 4th anniversary is something special. It was also fun to see my friends again, and making a few new ones.

Today, at Chinese school, Lieke was doing something to her shoe, Lisa was drawing geometrical artwork and Winny still didn’t realise I’m in the same class. And poor Amy.

There’s too much repetition in dancing class. It’s getting boring. Although I saw Sioe-Lie’s artwork in real this time.

I still haven’t had a good big meal since yesterday, and I’m hungry.

Song is in my head

The car is with my sister, so there’s a change of plans. She’ll pick up my parents, and now I will go to Rotterdam for the YGT meeting.

And did you notice it? I changed my website a little bit. With a nice pictures that I took in Taiwan. Hmm, for some reason the song S.H.E. – 你還好不好 is in my head…

Reading my ponderings

Another reaction.
Lisa: “Hey! *sobs* I liked reading it too.
Does this mean people don’t like reading my ponderings? I guess I’ll just write both my “daily” stuff as well as my ponderings.

I could see the moon through the clouds when I started to sleep last night. So dreamy and peaceful.

Warm inside

My friend Terence updated his site. Go.

Check out this site, then write her guestbook. It says “I love you” after you filled it in. *Ken feels warm inside now*

Unexpected love accelerator

Love comes unexpectedly.

But waiting is a pain; I’m getting more stupid and more impatient. I hope the desperation isn’t written all over my face too much ^^;.

To accelerate love, or in this case, to increase the number of moments where this unexpected love can bloom, there are four different aspects; Two of them are personal aspects, the other two aspects connect the personal aspects:

  * Aspect 1: Me.
  * Aspect 2: Girl.
  * Aspect 3: Meeting places.
  * Aspect 4: Circumstances.

Now, the first aspect.
This aspect is easiest to explain through analysing the other aspects.
Because, the first aspects wants something, and thus will need to adapt to the other given aspects, in order to reach the goal.

So, next will be the second aspect.
The girl.

Abandon plan A, initiate plan B

I guess the few permanent visitors here are still alive. And I guess they even read all off this, regulary.


I don’t know what to say, I’m touched ^^. I’m glad some people still place comments, so that I know that what I write is not too useless here.

Well, Terence wrote he reads all the daily stuff I write and wants me to bring it back. I guess I could do that. At least that costs less time for me to write. Or less time for me to think of what to write. If I write anything.

With Rosy’s reaction, I can go back to yesterday’s topic. She wrote this (partly translated):
A plan to search for the love of your life. Hmm.. I always thought that love comes unexpectedly. :)“.

Very true.
So even after a day, the plan failed (*Scratch*, new page).

So, now I’m wondering… could I make a plan to let love come unexpectedly?
Like making that moment come earlier?
Speeding up the process?

I should make a new plan. A plan to make me do more unexpected things, to make me go to more unexpected places, at unexpected times, with unexpected people.

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