There are a lot of ways love can start.

This is a quote I found when I was watching a Japanese drama (translated Where Is Love?) just now.

And I just think it’s a good thing to know… There are a lot of ways love can start…

If you have any quotes to share, just write it here –>

Wow, it’s already Wednesday

Wow, it’s already Wednesday, and I still have sooo many things to do.

Anway, the poll results are:
  Hot: 1x (3.57%)
  Pleasant: 5x (17.85%)
  Cold: 14x (50%)
  I never go outside: 8x (28.57%)

So I guess I could say, it’s cold. At least where most of my website visitors are in the world.

Right now, it’s really really foggy outside. And still cold.

Last night, I was so confused. Because here, my alarm clock was still showing daylight saving time and my computer was even two hours ahead! I thought, “oh man, time went by so quickly today and I’m not even sleepy yet.”

Last night, 3am became 2am

Last night, 3am became 2am. It’s the end of daylight saving time. In Dutch is actually translated Summer time and Winter time. And, as for the weather, it surely is winter. *Cold*

There are heavy storms racing over our little country, and according to the weather bureau, it’s the worst storm (with speeds up to 130-140 km/h) in 12 years. So, outside, leaves, rain, trees and caravans are flying around. Watch your head, and don’t fly away when you open your umbrella.

Girls notice stuff

Here’s another general asumption of me. Behold!

These three are closely related:
  * Girls pay attention to stuff
  * They notice stuff
  * And they complement on it.

Well, at least usually more than guys do. Okay, girls pay attention to stuff and the notice stuff. For example, when I had new glasses a while ago, some girls immediately said: “Hey, you have new glasses!”
Or some other time: “hey, you had your hair cut!”

Is it just me or do girls notice everything? Or is it just me, and am I just slow to notice anything?

A result of noticing changes like this is that girls give compliments faster.
“Hey, you have new glasses! It looks good!”

Anyway, anyone likes compliments, so I guess I should work on noticing stuff like this too and give compliments whenever I like something.

Current state of consciousness

Poll results!

The results for the “Current state of consciousness” poll, with 17 votes, are:
  Happy: 5x (29.4%)
  Sleepy: 6x (35.3%)
  Bored: 6x (35.3%).

It’s so sad that there are more sleepy and bored people than happy people who voted in the poll.

Anyway, had a fun lunch in Rotterdam with Yin-Ling, Liz and Stephany, and we’ll probably have more food next week too. Yum.

Yin-LIng said that she that somehow she felt as if it is Sunday today. After that I kept thinking it was Sunday too, gah!

Version 10

Version 10.
New times, new cold weather, new look. And I finally took the time to submit my site at Rice Bowl Journals.

Capturing rain

It’s hard to take a picture of rain with a slow old digital camera. I just took it from my (roof) window, upstairs.

Maar ja, het regent dus, zoals eigenlijk de hele week al. Maar daar vertel ik je niks nieuws mee, want je had dit zelf natuurlijk ook al gemerkt.

The weather expectations for the coming days in the Netherlands:
Saturday: Rain.
Sunday: Rain.
Monday: Rain.


I wish I was better with my other languages (other than Dutch and English).

Tapi, bahasa Indonesia saya kurang. Nggak bisa bicara, gak bisa sulit… yeah, sedikit! Tapi, sedikit 2 aja. Sigh… Saya mau bisa! Gak mau belajar, tapi mau bisa bahasa Indonesia, haha. Di telivisi Belanda ada kursus bahasa Indonesia, jada saya lihat ini. But each lesson you learn satu kata aja, the rest is about tawar 2.

Don’t laugh, at least I tried. Yes, I know I wrote something similar to this earlier. Maybe, next time, I should just mix all the languages I know. At least then I have all the words.

A new topic

I want to cut a new topic, a topic where both you (yes, you, dear guest) and me are interested in and which we can discuss. What should it be, what should it be.

Stuff that happens in the world? War? Terrorists? European expansion? Dutch politics?

Or personal stuff? How badly organised university or school is? How busy work or school is? Love? Relationships?

Or general ponderings and wonderings? How cold or warm or rainy it is? How good that new song on the radio is?

Boring boredom

I know I posted this yesterday too, but I moved the post to today. This is a funny site. haha. See results (you’ll get it after you clicked the first link).

Boring? Yeah, I have the feeling my site is growing more boring. B O R I N G. Gah. Let’s see if I make up more stuff to make my site more interactive. Just come back, okay, PLEASE?

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