It’s Friday! And while the people in the US are relaxing at home for Thanksgiving, our lives go on as they always have. But we do have Sinterklaas in December. Not that it changes anything.

Anyway, make sure to check all the pictures I put up, or for those who know me, to send more pictures to put up. That’s all for now.

Not the complete truth

And the previous poll had 20 votes. These are the question and it’s votes.

Do you write everything and all secrets, thoughts, happenings in your online journal/​dairy [if you would have one]?
    I write everything: 1x (5%)
    I write parts: 14x (70%)
    Just the positive parts: 1x (5%)
    I’d bend the truth
      to make everything look good: 0x (0%)
    I wouldn’t write anything: 1x (5%)
    I wouldn’t know what to write: 3x (15%)

Well, I can honestly say that I what I usually write here, is a mix between choices #2, #3, #4 and the last one. Because, I’m sure I do write something that might be negative about me, now and then. But not all. And sometimes I tend to write more stuff that might show a more positive light on me.

But then again, I’m usually pretty honest.

Anyway, the new poll is about seasons. Go vote. And react.

Airplanes going off and on

And Evelyn is going back to Mexico. I went to Schiphol and waved Evelyn and her mom off. It’ll probably be a while before we’ll all see her again here in Holland.

After she went through customs, I went to walk around on the promenade. It’s such a nice view up there, seeing all the airplanes going off and on.

20.000 page views

And according to my NedStat Counter, my site has had over 20.000 page views since February 1997.

[Edit] A technical note about my website: I’m moving on my website to HTML4, and therefore dropping support for Netscape 4. So make sure you get Netscape 6, 7; Mozilla, Opera or Internet Explorer.

[Edit] Screw HTML4. Buggy programs, bad support, unsupported languages. Sigh. I give up. After a lot of screwing around, I hope everything works again, and looks again again…

The mini Taiwan reunion was small

The mini Taiwan reunion was small, but fun nonetheless. Present: Danny (arrived after 11pm), Stephany, Evelyn (and her friend), Yin-Ling and Liz.

The first part was pretty much watching at the pictures (Evelyn’s pictures were pretty cool) and eating chocolate. And Yin-Ling wanted to know what each chocolate tasted like, but didn’t want to eat them all herself.

The second part was karaoke.

Karaoke is fun, expecially when you’re not singing yourself, and when you can take pictures. And laugh at people ^^.
Or at the spelling mistakes or the music that sometimes really crappy. Or each time that we only know the chorus to the songs and not the verse. Or when the songs are too high to sing. Ahh, yeah, it’s been another typical karaoke night.

Past week

I wanted to go home a bit earlier than normal. But because of some defect, some trains to Rotterdam were delayed. And then they were cancelled. And then we had to go to a different station (Den Haag CS), because the trains at the station I was at (Den Haag HS) wouldn’t go to Rotterdam.

But, because of an accident, the trams (streetcars) were stalled as well. And the trains going to Den Haag CS were first delayed by 5 minutes, then 10, then 25. I was able to take a tram (streetcar) after all, so at that station, they again weren’t sure the train would go to Rotterdam. Anyway, I got in Rotterdam, by train, but a little later than I expected.

Liz’s birthday party last Friday resulted in a karaoke night till around 1:45am.

10:30 chinese school, 14:00 dancing lessons, 16:30 back home, 18:00 meeting up with Stephany, Evelyn and her friend in Rotterdam, maybe about around 8:00, 8:30 at Liz’s place for the mini Taiwan reunion. Watching pictures and video and doing karaoke until about 2:45am, back home and sleep at around 3:30am.

What alarm clock?

Love is… a dream

A dream, a wish, something for the future. Some people dream of being famous, of being an actor or an actress.

Some people’s dream is to be rich, to be a millionaire.

Some people dream of world peace.

Some of these dreams are pretty big. For some, these dreams may come true, but not for most.

A lot of dreams are grande, huge, big dreams. Now, is it hard for a dream to come true?

What can go wrong

What can go wrong, what can go wrong…
Of the 215 pictures I ordered copies from, 6 pictures were wrong, they interpreted “11” as “2”, and I’m missing a bunch of other pictures.

And the quality is way worse than the originals.
Oftewel, voor nabestellingen moet je NIET naar de MediaMarkt gaan. Just a warning to not go to that photo shop.

Love is… chocolate

Continuing on the last poll…

For those who voted “Yeah, what is it?”, here’s an explanation. Love is chocolate. Chocolate is sweet, makes you feel happy, you can be addicted to chocolate, want it all the time.

Thus if love is chocolate and chocolate is love, then love is sweet too, makes you happy too, you can get addicted to love too and you could want love all the time.

Easy deduction, right?

Love is…

These are the results from the previous poll, with 35 votes. Love is…
    Yeah, what is it?: 11x (31.42%)
    The best thing there is: 7x (20%)
    A dream: 5x (14.28%)
    Chocolate: 5x (14.28%)
    Life: 4x (11.42%)
    Wonderful: 3x (8.57%)

The ones filling out chocolate, obviously don’t know what love is, so adding up Chocolate to Yeah, what is it, are 16 votes (about 46%), which is just slightly less than half of the votes.

So about half the people who visit my site and voted in the poll is totally lost. So this is the crowd that my website attracts. I see. I hope it’s not a bad thing ^^.

But there’s still the other half.

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