Excitement for the new year

There’s already tons of kids playing with fireworks already. Loose sounds of fireworks here and there, playing in all their excitement.

And like those already firing off fireworks, I guess I’m a bit excited about the new year too. It’s like I can start a few things over, like a clean sheet, even if it’s just another day, another evening, another midnight and again another day.

Do you know what I mean, do you know what I feel? It may be just another new day, but somehow it feels like new chances are created again.

New things will happen, new opportunities, more experiences.
Maybe even bigger than that. Maybe new things that happen in your or my life. New significant things, and new changes in life…

2003 is at the doorstep. Take care.

Touring through Amsterdam

Yesterday, I’ve been out all day showing a friend around together with Dini and Stephany. Tsan now knows a bit of Amsterdam, including some of the canals (grachten), the Dam monument, central station, and Dutch pancakes.

And it was the first time for me I’ve been to Vondelpark. So I was kinda a tourist myself too.

The “Singspiration” youth meeting in church was fun. A lot of singing, a lot of laughing and a lot of inspiration, I guess. God is good!

Another measly entry

I’m now behind my cousins computer, and adding another measly entry. That’s all for now, and Merry Christmas too you all!

Christmas tree

(Picture not archived)
This is our Christmas tree, as it was about 5 minutes ago.

I enjoyed yesterday, Christmas eve ^^.

Somehow Sunday

It somehow feels like today is Sunday. But a sad one. It’s cold, rainy, cloudy. Silent.

With no one around, and with nothing on tv.

Today’s anklung practice

(Picture not archived)
Today’s anklung (traditional Indonesian instrument, made of bamboo) practice. In the picture are Jonathan, Michele, Nelson, Aschwin, Andrew, Norman; Koen, Laurens, Vanessa, Brenda; Nancy, Nathalie, Fanny, Angeline, Sherly and Angie.

(Picture not archived)
People complaining that I’m not in any of the pictures. So here’s one with me in it. Left to right: Michele, Angeline, me, Aschwin.

Thanks for the cards

Thanks to Jenny, Liz, Amy, Winnie for the Christmas cards! Thanks Marijn, Michelle and Hai for the Christmas emails!

Maybe I should start making/​getting/​writing Christmas cards in June or so, because I’m always too late with things like this.

So, my sincere apologies for not sending out Christmas cards. There might be more hope next year. ^^;

My Exquisite Christmas Dinner

I’m still not sure of what I’m going to do on Christmas day. I have no plans whatsoever. My parents will be on vacation in Turkey, and my sister will be skiing.

So what am I going to do?

I’m thinking of just crashing on our couch, buy some cookies, and watch some series and movies on the TV. And have lovely bread for my Christmas breakfast, instant noodles as my lovely Christmas lunch and maybe chicken with rice and cucumber as my exquisite Christmas dinner.

I might even get some candles and make it all look very warm and cosy.

And after I get bored watching TV, I’ll go… I don’t know… go surf on the Internet or take a nap. There’s tons of things for me to do.

Ooh, I can’t wait for it to be Christmas again.

So, what are you guys and girls going to do for Christmas?

Number of alarm clocks needed
Number of votes: 45.
    1: 20x (44.44%)
    2: 5x (11.11%)
    3 or more: 5x (11.11%)
    None: 3x (6.66%)
    Someone wakes me up: 2x (4.44%)
    I don’t sleep: 10x (22.22%)

Myself, I just have one alarm clock. But that doesn’t mean it wakes me up only once each morning. Only on more important occasions, and when it’s really early in the morning, I get help from a second alarm clock. Just sometimes…

First job interview

My kinda first job interview. I had trouble locating the place, but after that, all went fine. I guess I’m pretty excited now.

I went to the movies with my (University Delft) friends again! The last time I went to the movies with them was last year… anyway, pictures soon ^^.

Yesterday was worse

I’ve been a little bit ill lately, although yesterday was worse. For one thing, I have a sore throat.

Waking up early for Chinese school doesn’t help anything either (alhtough I hope the Chinese school part might help my intelligence or knowledge in any way ^^).

I’ve been out all day and I think I need some more rest to recover a bit.

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