Current state of counciousness

I’m currently: Tired. I just came back from watching a movie. I continued reading my current book (One False Move) in the train.

Watching all those movies at the International Film Festival Rotterdam is wearing me out. And I have a design to finish too. Watching movies, reading books, doing stuff. It takes my mind of stuff.

One moment, I feel great, the other moment I feel really unsure. On and off. I’m thinking of so many things, but at the same time, there’s only one thing on my mind.

And while my thoughts wander through my mind, my ears hear Padi – Sesuato Yang Indah play in the background

Inspired websites?

I signed up my website to BlogTree. It’s a genealogy site to check who’s website inspired people’s websites/blogs.

So, if you started your website/blog after being inspired by mine, you can sign up, and add my site as a “parent blog”. Interesting, eh? So check out BlogTree.

A lot of stuff last weekend

Although I can’t really imagine that many people are interested in what I did this weekend, I’ll write it down anyway. I guess some people can be curious enough.


YGT: Sometimes, when someone preaches, when someone brings the word of God, it can be so incredibly personal. As for this one, Rebecca started talking about being single, and from there she went on to the theme Perfect Love Casts Out Fear.

And it also seems that whenever you have a song in your heart, that song will be sung at a next praise and worship. So this time too, I had this song in my head for the past week, and this YGT, that song was played too.

I also met Gideon, who visits my site regularly, and Laurence, who I know from school. It’s funny how people can meet… And it was also good too see all my friends again.


Chinese school. I didn’t realize we had a test of chapter 8 today, but fortunately the teacher gave us a bit of time to prepare it right on the spot. So, I think I did it pretty well. Stuff we learned today were words as Museum and stuff that’s related to it (paintings, etc.)

After a KFC lunch, I headed to dancing class. We repeated the Tango from last week, then did the Quickstep and learned one new pattern.

I can pretty much easily pick up new patterns (remembering them is a different issue). But it just sometimes bothers me that others can be sooo slow with it. I mean, I don’t mind slow, but it’s sloooooow. If even at all. So, because of that, progress is slow for the whole class.

Maranatha Youth Praise Night. More praise & worship! The theme was Voor God, Door God For God, By God. The praise & worship part was done acoustically: two guitars, some percussion and maybe about 8 vocals. So that was pretty special.

After I got home, I still could watch the TV show Idols. Who my favorites are? Hind, Jamai and Dewi, in that order.


The word was about holiness, or being holy.

After the service, we (Sherly, Ferdinand, Veronica) figured we could go see a movie (at the International Film Festival Rotterdam) and go shopping. So we went to Rotterdam. And went shopping. And we ate something. So, again no movie, just like last time the four of us went out. But I’m not complaining (maybe only because of the rain during the whole day), because it was fun ^_^.

Shopping spree

Tonight the first Christian youth meeting “YGT” in 2003! And the last one was about 4 months ago, it’s about time we meet again…

Anyway, my January 2003 shopping spree is going a bit crazy (really crazy, concerning that it’s me I’m talking about, hehe).

So far, 1 shirt, 4 (woolen or whatever) sweatshirts, 3 pants, 2 pair of shoes, 1 jacket. Okay, I’ll try stopping this spree starting from February, but I can’t promise anything.

Ken the filmfreak.

I’ll probably try to watch about 10 (whoa) movies at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Tell me if you want to join me, here’s my schedule.

Music fills my ears

Okay, this is something you have to check out: Vienna Teng has four of her latest albums tracks on her site. It’s someone in the category Tori Amos, An PierlĂ©: Piano and vocals.

Other songs I’ve been playing non-stop lately are two songs by Padi: Terlanjur and Begitu Indah, my favorites of their Lain Dunia album.

And my favorites so far of Jaci Velasquez‘ album Chrystal Clear are You Don’t Miss A Thing and Come As You Are… both really inspiring

Elections and soup

Today are the elections. Again. Waiting included, it took about 3 minutes.

I’m now enjoying my last sachet of instant soup Cup-A-Soup, Asparagus flavor. I’ll have to get new ones.

Last Saturday

The Chinese test at Chinese school about chapters 5-7 was a little bit hard. But fortunately the teacher gave enough hints and corrected some stuff too, hehe.

And then I went on to dancing school. This time we did the Tango. And I keep getting confused between the bronze and silver patterns. I hope I’ll remember everything for the test in a few months…

Mini journal Shopping in Antwerp 16 January

I took the 9:48 train to Roosendaal, and arrived at 11:41 in Antwerp Central after two stop-overs.

I basically just wandered around, looking for clothes that I liked and that would fit me. And if it was on sale, yay, and if it was not, oh well.

It seems to me that Belgium is influenced by a song by a Belgian band. K’s Choice’s I Smoke A Lot. At least, that’s what I noticed when I was walking through the city center, so many people smoking. It bothers me when people smoke back here in the Netherlands, but it just seems even more people smoke in Belgium.

Another thing that’s weird is Sale. It’s called Solden in Belgium. I think it was Soldes in French, and in Dutch they use Uitverkoop or just the English Sale. But I guess there’s yet a seperate word for it in Flemish. Solden.

In the end, I bought clothes at the all the stores we have here in the Netherlands too. But it doesn’t really matter, it was fun anyway.

Oh, yeah, when I shop for clothing, I usually shop alone. It’s more efficient ^^.

Although I’d like to shop more often with someone of the female gender, to help me look for clothing that fit me.

I wanted to buy a long coat, one of those business-type coats. But I didn’t want it to look too serious, it should be stylish too. But I couldn’t find one, or couldn’t find one in my size. So I ended up buying a nice and warm coat at H&M.

I also wanted to buy a new pair of shoes, but I couldn’t find anything.

And the espresso cup set I was supposed to be looking for, I didn’t find that either. I think I looked for it in like 6 shops.

I had my dinner at Quick’s Hamburger Restaurant, which was slow as usual. And I bought a bunch of typical Belgian chocolate-croissant thingies. I arrived back home at 8pm.

Leaving for a day Antwerp

Ahh, I’m late! Okay, maybe not too late. It’s past 9am now, and I’m getting ready for a day Antwerp.

I’ll catch the train in about half an hour. The train ride is a little more than 2 hours, and as the stores probably close at 18:00, I’ll have about 6.5 hours to hopefully find a few new clothes (sales are until 31 January), and I’ll go look for a cute espresso cup set too.

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