Praisenight and daylight saving time

As I was in the singing team of today’s praisenight, the praisenight was more like a praise day, instead of just a night. Koen asked me to sing a new unknown song, so I arrived at church at 1pm to practice with Nathalie, who was gonna do the piano. At 2pm the other bunch arrived, so we started to set up the stage (intruments and mics) and started rehearsing all the other songs after that.

Anyway, my voice is gone now. The instruments were way too loud to be able to hear ourselves. So we had to sing loud after all. I guess I really should consider taking lessons to use my voice in the right way.

Daylight saving time

Tonight the DST changes again, which is just called “summer time” here in the Netherlands. So the clock has to be set an hour later, which means an hour less of sleep. I’ll be “jetlagged” for the one hour difference tomorrow. I’ll just use that excuse for when I seem sleepy.


If you think my site looks different than before, then you might be right. And if you think it still looks the same, then you’re wrong. Life is simple.

Bad headache

Sigh. Really bad headache day.

And it didn’t go away after a nap either.

Youth Sunday & singing

Last Sunday was another youth sunday, which basically was the youth in our church doing the praise & worship part of the service. It all went great, and we had a great time after it too.

De Jovo (jongvolwassenen) zondag was weer leuk. Heel mooi weer, en een hele mooie dag. In het begin was ik wel een beetje zenuwachtig, maar dat gaat wel over als je lekker aan’t zingen bent :). Ook alle “ouderen” hebben de afgelopen Idols volgens mij ook wel een beetje gevolgd, vooral als ze tegen me zeggen dat ik zo goed als Jamai zing. Sure…

I sang a part of “Eagles Wings” and Laurens did another part. I wanted to sing this song, because it expresses a longing to be guided more and more by God. At the first practice, after I sang it, Laurens asked me if he could sing one of the verses, to which I agreed. Because before I mentioned that I wanted to do this song, I actually was already concidering asking Laurens to join, because I know he likes singing too, and he’s been growing in the faith fast lately.

Anyway, I’m glad people tell me I can sing pretty good. It’s always nice to receive compliments :P It helps to improve my opinion about myself, which isn’t usually too good. And I’m still really considering to take voice training or singing lessons. Just kinda waiting for a good opportunity.

Na de dienst gingen we met een deel van de Jovo groep bij de Marlissa’s eten, en gelijk ook de video opname van de dienst gekeken. Leuk :) And yes, this was Dutch.

The need to shop

I haven’t bought any new clothes for maybe a month now. I’ve been sooo busy with stuff, I just didn’t have time… and I really need some cool new clothes. Anything to help me look even better ;P. Sometimes (okay, well, pretty often, not just sometimes) it just seems like I don’t have any clothes in my wardrobe that I want to wear. Need. To. Shop.

Television is getting boring. It seems like there’s either only commercials, or reports on war being broadcasted.

Another day of war goes into the historybooks

Let’s all pray for all the innocent people and casualties that fall becauce of the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, let’s not forget all the other different places in the world that have problems, and never forget the people around us that may have problems. May God be with everyone…

Note to self: turn off phone at night

Lately, I’ve been plagued by phonecalls when sleeping. Either late at night (well, not too late, but I was already in bed), or, just like a few minutes ago, early in the morning. Just now, I was sleeping so peacefully until I heard some really annoying buzzing. Which was my cellphone vibrating on my desk. Bzzz-bzzz, bzzz-bzzz. The first question (after the hi-hello’s) asked was:

“Are you awake?”

And well, when you’re answering the phone, you’re usually awake. So I just replied with “oh, yeah, sure.” But the call did woke me up brutaly though. So, if you see me walking around, remember, it’s not a zombie, it’s just me.

No complaints or wonderings and ponderings

1-2 months ago, I was still nagging and wondering and asking advice about the girlfriend issue. But now, I don’t have anyone in my head, no crushes to bore you with. No ponderings about whether if a special someone likes me or not. Nothing. So now I just don’t have inspiration to write about this subject.

Today was another bright sunny day. And I really like how things are going with my project for the Dutch Chinese community site, on which I’m working. Soon, all that site’s content will go through my system. And today my sister returns for her short vacation in Beijing. My parents are getting her from the airport, I hope she returns soon, because I’m curious how she liked it. And how she survived it, because the only word she knows in Chinese is “what?”, hehe.

Bright & Shiny

Whoo, the sun is shining ^_^

KittyKat.jpg [Edit] Oh, I saw this cute picture. Click it.

Bored of layout, and layout with a big face

Except for changing little details and some tweaking, this layout was finished maybe two weeks before it came online. It’s now one week online, and I’m getting so bored with it. It’s too plain, too simple. But on the other hand, I don’t think it’s worthing to keep the layout online for only a week or maybe even just two, because I put so much time and effort in it, and this is the 4th layout this year.

And making a layout for this site is more work than the usual “weblog” website, as this site has about 250 html pages, divided over 6 sections. Although most of the work is done graphically, I have to take account in a bit more things than if it were only a weblog site. Version 15 lasted 3 weeks, version 16: 1 week, version 17: 4 weeks. How long should I keep this one online?

When making layouts, I usually never want to use people pictures (like celebrity pictures) as a layout (not that it’s a bad thing, but so far, all the pictures used are pictures that I made myself). But I guess I like to break my own rules too, now and then. I mean, Jo has this huge pic of herself as her layout, and I was wondering if I could do the same. I even already made a draft graphic featuring a big pic of me, myself.

Well then. If I go to a site like Jo’s, then I think: wow, cute. But if I’d go to a guy’s site, and the site has a big pic of the guy himself on it, then I’m sure I’d think: “Sheesh, what is this *close window*,” so, now I’m pretty sure I’m abandoning this whole idea. I’m keeping my draft graphic just in case though, hehe (anyone interested? ^_^ bwaha).

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