More public transport trouble

Okay, first, the train came in late. Smart thing that they still didn’t replace the clock on the trainstation, so you couldn’t really tell the time or couldn’t really tell that the train was late if you don’t have a watch yourself. But I had my cellphone, and the time said the train came late. Then, for some reason, on another station, it just didn’t leave for no particular reason. They just forgot to close the doors, so they couldn’t leave.

Anyway, after switching trains, there appearantly was some accident further on, so I decided to take the tram (street car). As most of you know, the Netherlands is pretty famous for its canals and waters. I can expect the tram to wait for one of the bridges to go open, because a boat needs to cross.

But no, this had to happen two times. So, a delayed train, waiting for nothing, a cancelled train, and waiting before an open bridge two times. What a lovely day.

Version 20

New layout.

Dislike taking trains at night

I don’t really like taking trains at night. Well, particularly Friday nights.

It starts off when waiting for the train (which has been delayed, obviously). There’s too many loud people walking around. I especially hate it when people walk by, and they smell like beer all over. And with the warm weater lately, some people’s body odor have a really disgusting smell.

It grows worse when you’re sitting in the train and two seats in front of you is a weird drunk guy talking out loud to himself. Talking about stuff that makes no sense. And loudly. Yet hardly understandable. And so loud, that you’re unable to concentrate when trying to read something. Or trying to take a short nap.

And you have to get out of the train, and it rains. And you still have 10 minutes to go to get home by bike when you’re already really tired.

A happy entry

A few depressing entries after each other bores people. Or no updates at all either. So here’s a happy entry. Everyone, smile, jump around, and be happy! Yay~

Easter at grandparents / Nagging about singlehood

I wish you all a great Easter. Thanks to everyone who regularly comment on my entries. And here’s a special thanks for all those who reacted in my last blog: Prachin, Grace, Lily, joann, dinky, Jenny, amy, Steph, ZhiWen and Kim.

Today, I went along with my parents and sister to visit my grandparents in Belgium. We picked up my uncle and cousin near Breda, and arrived at opa&oma’s at around 11am. My other aunt&uncle& cousins Marijn and Hauke arrived in the afternoon.

Nagging about singlehood

I’m trying to live my singlehood as good as I can, trying to ignore all longings for romanticism (because it gets frustrating). But it’s hard to do that if people around me keep telling me that I should really find a girlfriend.

Here’s an excerpt from Zhi Wen‘s blog from today: “I guess, in Japanese culture, I might be considered old already. I guess.. if I actually lived in Japan (or Taiwan) family members (and their neighbors) would start nagging about my singlehood soon. Heh, babble babble.

Well, the first thing my grandfather asked me was:

“When are you taking your girl with you? I want to meet her.”

He repeated that around 4-5 times today. I just silently mumbled back.

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t met her yet either.”

Always smiling? Yeah, right.

I’m still struggling. I know that “being really out of it” can be very general. But it is very general. Struggling with life, with myself, with faith.

I totally forgot today is Good Friday. That special day, when Jesus died. Died for you, me, everyone.

But, then again… yes, I’m a Christian. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect. Or don’t have problems. I really wished that was the case, one being happy all the time, just because one believes in Jesus. That’s just the wrong view people have.

You smile all the time

Some friends and some people in church have told me that, whenever they see me, that I always smile. And I guess they’re right. I do always smile. Whenever I’m around someone, that is. But that doesn’t mean I always smile. It doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time.

You’re so silent all the time

This is another one I hear all the time. But being silent doesn’t mean that I don’t like or want to talk. It’s just I’m not very talkative. So what?

There’s a Dutch saying which goes “Stille wateren hebben diepe gronden.” Silent waters have deep grounds.


Yes, I liked that movie. Anyway, if you didn’t already knew this (I’m kinda late with it), there’s the new Matrix: Reloaded trailer on the Matrix website.

On another note, I recently saw the Spiderman movie. Pretty cheesy, but entertaining to watch. Kirsten Dunst looks really cute :). Oh, and I’ve been watching Dark Angel too, and dang, Jessica Alba is a really, really good actress. Sorry, I just had to say that.


Most people who keep an online dairy or journal aren’t too technical with computers. But even if that’s the case, there is an awful lot of jargon nowadays that’s on these weblogs. Or logs. Or blogs. Some people use ready-to-go systems like blogger and LJ. Others upload their pages using ftp and use scripts. Cgi/perl scripts like GM, where some files need to be chmodded, others use stuff like MT that utilizes MySql. Php and other scripted Gb‘s. Tagging other people’s tagboards (in html‘s iframes and forms). A lot of webrings died out the past years, most people joined or are affiliated with some cliques or other listings. A few years ago, there were no such thing as hosted and hostees. Why do people use 411 for about, and exit for links? What on earth are fanlistings and why is a plug called like that? Hiatus?

Really out of it

I’ve been really out of it lately. Sigh, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

New album by 戴佩妮!
New album by 戴佩妮!

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New album by 戴佩妮!

Okay, I checked out a few mp3’s from the new album by 戴佩妮 (Penny Dai Pei Ni). The album is called “No Penny, No Gain” It’s pretty good so far!

The next time I have the opportunity to buy the official album, I’ll make sure I get it. Penny is my favorite artist from Taiwan. No Penny, No Gain is her fourth album, after her debut 「怎樣」, Penny and Just Sing It from last year.

If someone can find Penny’s official website, please let me know, because I can’t seem to find it. Her record label is EMI Taiwan, but for some reason isn’t working (although that’s listed on as the EMI Taiwan website).

CNN and word of the week, SARS

Three weeks ago, the word of the week on CNN was chemical weapons. Then, two weeks ago, CNN deemed the word of the week war. Suddenly, I saw something else on CNN, but ofcourse, CNN only broadcasts bad news. The word of the week last week was SARS.

And this week, the word of the week CNN chose was looting. All of a sudden, you hear nothing anymore on the SARS disease on CNN, as if it has disappeared. Unfortunately, it has not. The World Health Organization is still reporting daily cases on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome multi-country outbreak.

And the only thing CNN can say is that the Iraqi are looting.

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