Typical blog pictures

I think it’s amusing how pictures on blogs or other personal websites often look the same in composition. There are three most used distinctive types of pictures-of-yourself. Exclusively for this entry, I have simulated two of them. I will first describe the three types.

1. The Making A Picture Of Yourself In The Mirror Type.

2. The I’m Making A Picture Of Myself With My Camera In My Own Hand Type (a.k.a. The Extended Arm Picture Of Myself Type).

3. The Webcam Type.

The Making A Picture Of Yourself In The Mirror Type


This is one of the three very common type of pictures. A distinctive feature of this type is that part of the fase is obscured by the camera itself. Sometimes the other eye is also squeezed close.

Common type mirrors that are used for these kind of pictures are bathroom mirrors or bedroom closet mirrors.

For further research, I would like you to send more examples of your own, and I will put them up in this interesting piece of research (a.k.a. blog entry).

The I’m Making A Picture Of Myself With My Camera In My Own Hand Type (a.k.a. The Extended Arm Picture Of Myself Type)

Extended Arm

Making pictures in this position is harder than it seems. Especially pointing the device properly and pushing the button without the camera moving too much can be quite a challenge.

But it’s amusing to see a big piece of arm in the picture. Again, feel free to send more examples. Indulge me.

The Webcam Type


The distinctive features of webcam pictures are these (I edited this picture to simulate a typical webcam view):

* Dark, bad lightning (no flash)

* Colors that are off (more red or blue than usual)

* Person looks at screen (not at the camera)

* Blurry, fuzzy, low quality.

Here’s another example that my buddy Paul sent in (reduced in size). And it really is blurry, more blue than it should be, and Paul is smiling at something else than the webcam itself. Thanks Paul :)



There are a lot of typical blog pictures on many blogs, each with their own distinctive features. Three were mentioned in this piece.

Another Vanilla entry!
Another Vanilla entry!
Canon PowerShot G3     358mm     1/15s     f/2.2    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Another Vanilla entry!

Tuesday evening, I was at my sister’s place in Amsterdam because of her birthday party. And my cousin was there too. And guess what she got me?

A 0.5L Coca-Cola Vanilla bottle! Hurray~

And it came at a good time too, as my other bottles were finished already. Thanks Michelle aka dinky! I’m gonna sip on my Vanilla now…

Sooo tired and busy

You know what? The days are too short. For some reason, I can’t keep up getting enough sleep. Yesterday, after church, I took a nap, went to my place in Den Haag, had dinner, went to sleep. Woke up at 1pm ^_^. And I still haven’t done any work that I was supposed to do this weekend. I have so much to catch up to.

I hope this will not lead me to me stressing out.



Ahh! :P

The 30.000 mark
The 30.000 mark
Canon PowerShot G3     358mm     1/15s     f/2.2    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

The 30.000 mark

I’ll stick to the NedStat statistics. And according to those, my site hit 30.000 on 23 May, 2003 at 23:22 CET. Thanks everyone, for visiting my site. And really thanks to all of you who keep coming back.

I really appreciate all your feedback and comments and I hope you’ll keep tagging my place as I continue to write weird normal dumb boring interesting cool plain stuff here.

Ballroom dancing day :P
Ballroom dancing day :P
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/60s     f/2.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Ballroom dancing day :P

Today was the final test for the normal (ballroom) dances. On the right you can see me dancing with my dancing partner. Even if everything was horribly organized, it was fun anyway.

The cool gang ^_^

From top left to bottom right: Sherryl, Merylin, Danny, me, Sioe-Lie, Arjan. The 5 people other than me are all in the highest grade (sportklasse A, 7 years of dancing) so, compared to them I’m a real newbie.

On top of that, Sherryl and Arjan got first (public) prize. Phew. Anyway, Latin-American dance tests will be soon, so with that, more pictures.

Swimming on a transparent piece of plastic
Swimming on a transparent piece of plastic
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/8s     f/2.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Swimming on a transparent piece of plastic

I grabbed this hand-soap bottle from home. It looks so cool, because in the middle of it, it has a piece of transparent plastic with a fishy printed on it.

So with the tropical deep sea background on it, there’s a fish swimming in my soap. Yes. This is better than the see through soap dispenser with white soap, and better than the boring non-transparent blue one.

Fish [Edit] Here’s a better picture of it. And I just checked the Palmolive website, and the even have more variations of this Aquarium liquid soap. Isn’t it wonderful? :P

Dancing is so much fun~

I was really tired, but I deced to go anyway. So, I just came back from practicing ballroom dancing for the test that’s gonna be next Saturday. And now I’m really really beat. But it was fun, ofcourse, hehe.

Anyway I’m really beginning to like the Jive. I just learned one new figure and it rocks! Gah~ I love it. I’m sooo tired.

New addiction

Coca Cola Vanilla Something different now. I discovered Vanilla Coke a month ago, and last week I decided to get myself a couple of these 1.5 liter bottles. This stuff is so addictive!

Life tastes good… Maybe I should start a trend and start naming Coca-Cola Vanilla just as “Vanilla.”

“I’m drinking Vanilla.”

“Hey, two Vanilla’s please.”

Hehe. I must say Vanilla is hard to write, if it wasn’t for backspace, I’d write Vanlila all the time. Hmm, maybe I should use Vanlila as the Vanilla nickname…

A new(ly) broken umbrella
A new(ly) broken umbrella
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/60s     f/2.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

A new(ly) broken umbrella

With the bad weather lately, I have to carry around an umbrella. It was a new one, but even the first time I opened it, one of the steel thingies of its skeleton was wrongly positioned, and opening the umbrella made it crack.

So it was basically already broken when I opened it.

Why does this always happen with umbrella’s? If it’s not the wind that swoops your umbrella inside out, then it’s its skeleton that spontaneously decides to fall apart…

A genuine happy entry

Things have been going better the past couple of days. Okay, so, it’s common knowledge that running away or hiding from people or responsabilities doesn’t help in any way. But sometimes it just seems so easy to do just that. But, I’m really feeling better now.


I gave my portfolio a layout update. You can look at it if you want, and tell me how it is.

Oh, and it’s my younger sister’s birthday today! Joy~

Kicking habits * Penny * Referrals, Theme Sites

What is procrastination? Is it an ability or a bad habit? I’m trying to better myself. Should I try to enhance my ability of procrastination or should I kick the habit of procrastination?

Oh, and I met Xandra aka GhostGirl today in Delft. I haven’t seen her in over a year or so, I think. I like meeting old friends :).

Steph keeps plugging me. So here’s one back. Go visit. Other weblog news… Zhi Wen is still “offline”. It kinda turned into Haitus :P. New layouts as of lately: Joysha, Prachin, Hazel, Ash, Janis. And, well… Paul always is changing layouts.


And I really can’t find any good websites about 戴佩妮 Penny Dai, Peini. So I’m kind of starting one of my own. It’s just a start though, but you can take a look. Suggestions are welcome :).


I hope I can eventually find more information about this singer, and collect it all on this nifty home made Penny site. I’m also thinking of creating a few on-demand theme sites. I often check how people find my site, and it seems a lot of people are looking for information about anime. Especialy keywords of Stellvia of the Universe and Gunparade March.

Also, people keep looking at one of my weblog entries that was about fashion and how I was learning to shorten my own clothes with my mom’s sewing machine and with thoughts of altering clothes. But it would be useless right now to make a mini site with that theme, as I have now knowledge of that. Yet. Maybe.

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