Gisteravond naar de kick-off van NSV (Navigator Studenten Vereniging) Den Haag geweest. Was gaaf :) En eindelijk Terence weer eens gesproken, ik had ‘m al maanden niet meer gezien. Al de praise+worship is altijd leuk en het toneelstuk was echt goed gedaan. Mwa, het was gezellig, en leuk om weer nieuwe mensen te leren kennen.

Fuzzy hair
This is my really stylish I-Just-Woke-Up-Look. Yes, I’m radiating stylish and trendiness. I love it and you know it! Before you know it, everyone will use this unique Out Of Bed look!

Wait, w-what did you say?

People are already using it and companies already sell hairgel for that?


Blink blink blink!
Blink blink blink!
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/6s     f/2.0    

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Blink blink blink!

I forgot to make a picture of this last week. Everyone got a “prize” for passing the dancing test. And a diploma too. I didn’t scan in the diploma, that one isn’t too interesting. This award thingy was nice and shiny though, so I wanted you to see it, hehe.


This originally wasn’t meant to be a photolog. But I always like visuals. So whenever I can I’ll try to put a picture with my story.

Flowery liquid soap
Flowery liquid soap
Canon PowerShot G3     256mm     1/6s     f/2.2    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Flowery liquid soap

Somehow, my pile of dirty dishes kept growing and growing. Pretty mysterious, isn’t it?


It was all just because my bottle of soap to do the dishes was pretty much empty. The horror! And I was all out of plates too!

Flowery soap

But luckily, the story all ends well! I ran some errands, so I bought this new bottle of red liquid soap. It’s supposed to be new and better and it should smell all flowery and such.

I wonder if my food will taste better too.

If not, then it’ll at least taste flowery.

A fake cactus in front of my building
A fake cactus in front of my building
Canon PowerShot G3     922mm     1/1000s     f/4.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

A fake cactus in front of my building

There’s a weird fake cactus in front of my building. I have no idea why it’s standing there. It’s been there for a few weeks now. Maybe even for over a month.

The sign says “Groen op ‘t plein, da’s pas fijn” Green on the field/square, that’s convenient. Or something like that.


Any ideas? :P

It’s picture time!

Pasar Malam & Scheveningen

A big annual event, here in the Netherlands, is the Pasar Malam Besar. It’s a big festival/market, like a big 12-day night market. We went there last Sunday. On the pictures you can spot Roy, Lorraine (our great-grandparents are siblings), my sister and her boyfriend Felix, and my mom.

After that we went for a walk at the Scheveningen beach and had some yummie fish to eat.

* http://www.pasarmalambesar.nl
* http://www.scheveningen.nl

Latin-American Dancing test

And last Saturday I had the dancing test for Latin dance. Hmm, I should scan in my diploma for that some time. Anyway, it was lots of fun.

Maxime’s Birthday

A bit more back, this was 9 June. Max decided to throw a birthday party in a park, as the weather was so nice. So these are the pictures.

* Maxime’s website

Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/40s     f/2.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images


I bought two cd’s last Saturday. And Fallen by Evanescence is one of them. This cd rocks! My favorite tracks are track 1: Going under; 2: Bring me To Life; 3: Everybody’s Fool; 6: Tourniquet; 9: Hello; 11: Whisper.

Evanescence - Fallen

If you don’t know Evanescence yet, you probably heard Bring Me To Life song on the radio, as it’s the movie Daredevil’s theme song. Another thing, I also like the first line of one of the band member’s credits is written: “Ben thanks Jesus – all the life left in me is you.”

One thing about Evanescence bothers me though. Well, it’s more the media who write about them that bother me. Because I’ve seen Evanesence, Evanesense, Evanescene, Evenescence… It’s Evanescence!

Catchy catch phrases
Catchy catch phrases
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/200s     f/4.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Catchy catch phrases

I took this picture in front of the Delft train station, where there’s a place for cars to drop people off. Cool that this actual phrase was used instead of the usual standard traffic signs.

Kiss & Ride Closeup

That thing has been there for years, and I always found it amusing, that “Kiss & Ride” thing there. It’s so trendy. One thing I’ve asked myself though was why it’s in English, and not in Dutch. But then again, this English version sounds better than any Dutch translation. And there’s tons of tourists in Delft for the Delft Blue china.

[Edit] Okay, so I kinda found out that this “Kiss & Ride” things is a pretty common term in the English world, although I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet except for searches on the Internet. I still like it though :P.

Yes, this is a green yellow layout

First of all, thanks Grace, Paul, Roseline, Steph, Jenny, Liz, Lily, Su Faye, dinky, Hauke, Yih, Strizzt and Pohlin for your reactions on my site.

Here’s a little FAQ made up with my own sort of questions.

Why is this layout so green?

Basically because I’ve never used green for a layout. And I want to use all sorts of colors I’ve never used before. I used to think brown and green are the ugliest colors ever. I used brown in a previous layout, and now it’s green’s turn. I mixed it with yellow, because I thought it would look better.

This green layout hurts my eyes

Yeah, it’s really really bright green (gifgroen). But, with my ability, I think I succeeded in making a nice layout with this kind of green. I mean, some people use a huge fonts, with this green color, and make it blinking on a white background. I still think my layout is more soothing to the eyes, even if it’s this bright.

Why this bright green?

Well, at least I can say it’s original :-). When making a new layout, I always go for originality. And I’m pretty sure I can say I’m the only one with a layout that looks like this.

I should go work on a new layout soon. Some thing… different… that this. Oh well. We’ll see.

Yes, this is still my site.

Although it does look a bit different now.

It’s late, I’m sleepy, but I’m home!

Went to see a friend perform in Delft. Vanessa invited her whole fanclub ;-) to watch her performance at the University’s Cultural Center. It was really cool, with live band, saxophone included, and Vanessa as one of the three lead singers.

Good to see al my old study mates and friends… Ifa, Wati, James, Vanessa, Anouk, Norbert, Saskia, Cynthia, Jason… Too bad Feda couldn’t come after all.

So we saw Vanessa’s performance, which was really good ofcourse, hehe. Lots of cool songs too. Later, Cynthia did her part in a modern dance piece, which was… interesting. Strange to see Cynthia in a dance like this when I know her from ballroom/Latin dance and street dance. The last performance we saw was a capoeira show, which was really cool, all the capoeira and the instruments….

Ifa drove us back safely ;-) in Amon’s car, and now I’m at home. *Yawn*.

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