Bubble tea * Computers
Bubble tea * Computers

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Bubble tea * Computers

There’s two places in all of the Netherlands where you can get bubble tea. A-Fusion in Amsterdam and Happy Sushi in Rotterdam.

Sooo… last Thursday was a fun afternoon of bubble tea with Jenniness‘ Jenny. She also showed me all the stuff that she made and designed, which was pretty cool, hehe. Anyway, next time bubble tea in Rotterdam, because this one in Amsterdam isn’t that good.


Last night, I stayed over at my cousin’s place. He, his dad (my uncle) and me went to get computer components today. So, right now I have half a computer (processor, harddisk, mouse and keyboard), but the other half is still to come (mainboard, memory, case).

But I’m really happy, because one store sold the exact same keyboard that I have at home. I bought it right away. You know how annoying it is, when different keyboards have different key layouts? For example, the position of the “” key, some keyboards have weird extra keys so the cursor keys are all weird… so I’m really happy I found this keyboard. Haha.

Wednesday Night Skate
Wednesday Night Skate

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Wednesday Night Skate

Thousands of people on skates, a route of 16 kilometers, in Rotterdam. More pictures are in the Picture Gallery.

I expected it to be exhausting (I haven’t been doing any sports lately… and I haven’t been doing a lot of anything especially the past few days, since I came back from my vacation), but I wasn’t tired when it ended.

I might have muscle aches tomorrow though.

Canada: The Wedding

The main reason we went to Canada was my cousin’s wedding on 9 August. It was a truly beautiful wedding. I’m sooo happy for my cousin and her, now, husband!

The top picture is with my cousin -the bride- in the middle, and our grandma on the right in the picture, together with the maids of honour.

The second picture is my family. It was a full photo shoot, so everyone has been captured by the camara many times.

The third picture is the cutting of the cake, with the lovely newlyweds.

The last picture is with all the cousins. Traditionally, we always make group pictures with all the cousins. The first one is usually random, then we order by age, and another one by height.

Canada: The Blackout
Canada: The Blackout

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Canada: The Blackout

Thursday night was my last night in Toronto. And this particular Thursday was all over the news: Parts of Ontario (Canada) and the Eastern part of the United States had a power outage, starting just after 4pm.

I was in the Eaton’s Centre shopping mall, and was just minutes away from taking the subway. Then suddenly everything went out, except for some emergency lights and the elevators. Seconds from that, all the stores were closed or started closing– no power means no cash register, or security.

Not really know what was going on, I went outside, just like everyone else. As I walked down Yonge street, I heard people talking (who contacted others through cellphones) that it was not just downtown. But also Ottawa and New York. And then I thought… wow… this is a bit surreal. Because things like this, I only normally see on the TV. But now I was actually in it.

Dinner without electricity

Back at my grandma’s place, when everyone was back, my uncle started to make dinner with a gas stove he still had. We had to have dinner early, as it was getting dark soon. Now and then we were kept up-to-date by listening to the radio. All the candles, matches, and flashlights were uncovered from the storages. Eventually it became really dark, so after dinner, we went inside, and did the dishes by candlelight.

I was already pretty much packed that morning, so I didn’t have to pack in the dark. At first we were afraid that the flight back might’ve been cancelled or delayed by a couple of days, but it was delayed for only a few hours.

Had hardly any sleep on the airplane, and hardly any food– due to the power outage, the catering service for the airplane couldn’t make or deliver the warm meals.

But I’m home now.

Hello from Canada!

Just a short entry, greetings from Canada! Right now, I’m in Ottawa, and planning to go back to Toronto tomorrow. And I’ll be able to post pictures when I get back next weekend.

Out of here

I’ll post pictures when I can, but I don’t know when I’ll have to opportunity to put pictures up the next couple of weeks. Toronto, here I come! Anyway, it’s almost 9:30PM, I should go finish packing and get ready for the trip.

And meanwhile, for those who’ve been visiting just recently, there’s tons of stuff up on my website, and tons of pictures in the gallery. So keep coming back :).

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