Autumn: Cold and rain
Autumn: Cold and rain
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/100s     f/4.0    

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Autumn: Cold and rain

Exactly when it turns autumn, the weather changes as well. It turns dark earlier, more rain falls out of the skies, the temperature drops.

But it also creates beautiful sights, such as this pinecone in the garden of my grandparents.

Welcome to Kenneth’s

So… if it were me, I would’ve had this website up a month earlier. But pretty much everything went wrong: Payment methods, getting the domain, getting the hosting. But I’m here now. Finally, on my own domain, my own Internet address. Welcome.

This layout features a picture that I made on my vacation in Canada, last August. It obviously shows the CN Tower, which is located in Toronto.


Another boring post.

My PayPal issue has been fixed now, finally. I’ll save some good entries and more picture material for my soon-to-be new website. ^^. Summary of the week: More boring school, Chinese school was fun again, dancing lessons start tonight again.

Now, let me finish my dinner. And watch more of the Simpsons.

[Edit, Friday] First PayPal. That took 7 business days instead of the 3-4 they said it would. And now I still don’t have the domain name that I requested at HostRadius last Monday. They made me pay (auto response thing), but I haven’t heard from them since. Does everyone hate me? Is everyone against me? Sigh…


No, I still don’t have money on my Paypal account yet, so I can’t pay with it yet. Blergh. I’ve been e-mailing Paypal now. The first reply that I got was, I guess, many of their standard replies. It totally didn’t apply to my question. So I e-mailed them back — this time even telling them that they didn’t even answer my question. Sigh.

[Edit, Friday] Oh, I just received another reply. Part of the e-mail says this: “This issue has been escalated to a specialist, and you will receive a response from them within 1-2 business days. We appreciate your patience in this matter.” And thus the waiting begins… I mean, the waiting continues…

[Edit, Monday] Another e-mail from PayPal: “[..] Apparently your bank did not include all necessary information when processing. I have escalated to have our files searched for your funds transfer. Please allow 1-3 business days for your funds to post to your PayPal balance.[..]” To be continued…

And on a lighter note…

Happy Birthday to my cousin Michelle and to my friend Lisa, who both turned 19.

The past few weeks

So, what happened? The server where my site was hosted went down. It’s up now, but not enabled due to problems. This is one of the reasons why I’m now in the process of getting my own domain and hosting. But unfortunately, that isn’t going too smoothly. At least the Paypal part isn’t. So that’s why I’m on Soulwind now. Note: If you still have a link to, please change it to


Well, it’s September. The weather turned cold. School started again (including tons of projects and assignments). I attended the wedding of my friends Wesley & Lisa. And started a project with my buddy Feda. Both Chinese school and dancing lessons start again next week. Soo busy, I’m tired already.

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