What should I do with my life…

I know Zhi-Wen has this problem too. Well it’s a little bit different, but the idea is a the same, I think (sorry Zhi-Wen if it’s totally different :)). After my studies, I have no idea what to do. Should I continue to study (Sinology?), or start working. And if I start working, for what job should I apply? Programmer, manager, designer?


I wanted to get some extra sleep, but didn’t feel like going to bed early last night. And I had to get up early anyway for Chinese school. Ugh, the weather is awful: rain, wind, cold.

I’m back home now only to do more stuff. I have to get ready for tonight. Shower, change clothing, check everything I need to bring (camera, the DDR PlayStation game). I have to check the route for the way back (as I’m dropping a few people off). Check the train schedule. I’m tired already.


Yesterday was the crew’s last meeting. I decided not to get a €70 polo shirt from Lacoste. I’ll probably be the only guy in the crew without a red polo shirt. So I’ll be kind of undercover crew, hehe.

I also tried to get the party to be non-smoking, but at the meeting, no-one even considered it. They just all ganged up against me. Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Tomorrow is the party. ZenSasian.

Web development

I’ve been working on a couple of sites past week.

I wasn’t satisfied with the look that launched with the site (bottom right), so the site of this organization got a make-over. You can visit the actual site.

Church Site
The second one is the site of my church. We had big plans, starting over a year ago, but all it got was a long hiatus. So, I’m planning to change it, and started with a make-over and a re-haul of everything, basically. I hope it can be launched soon.


One of my all-time favorite quotes.

“Never frown, because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile.”

I just love this quote. This quote is also one of the reasons why I try to smile–whenever. Even if I’m sad, when I walk around downtown I try to hide my sad face behind a smile. Which, in turn, makes me a bit happier myself.

I love that quote. Because it has so much truth in it. When I look at a girl, the most attractive thing about her is her smile.

Profile pictures
Profile pictures

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Profile pictures

I was bored yesterday, and procrastinating other work. So I made these for display pictures, which I use for MSN. The ones in MSN are just 100×100 pixels though, these ones are larger.

Good & stylish
Good & stylish
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/8s     f/2.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Good & stylish

Whenever I want to post a picture of myself, I want it to look good.

But how come I can’t find any? Then it struck me. All the pictures are good. It’s just that my head in it doesn’t look good. So that’s why you see this vague, dark picture.

Clothing… I think for a long time I’ve been tempted to buy clothes that made me look younger. Cooler. I wanted to look cool and stylish. But I am NOT cool or stylish.

I’m not a teenager anymore. I’m a boring guy. Cool, young clothes don’t fit me. I should just wear boring clothes. Maybe if I just wear the clothes that fit me, I’d look better. What does quarter life crisis mean?

Last Saturday

Last Saturday was the first Saturday after Chinese New Year. Following Chinese New Year are always a few CNY events. Although CNY isn’t really celebrated in The Netherlands, and although we don’t really celebrate it at home either, we do celebrate it, hehe.

Taiwan Tour reunion group pictures
Taiwan tour reunion meeting. This was supposed to be a normal meeting in the new year, but it so happened to be right after CNY. So this was the Dutch new year/chinese new year meeting. More pictures…

Dancing club CNY dinner group pictures
The dinner with the dancing group was good and fun too. It included karaoke and some dancing. Which are good. hehe. More pictures…

It’s a girl!

My cousin in Canada has given birth to a girl! That’s about all the information I know right now. I’m not sure if there’s a name yet. Congratulations to Arlene and Mike!

[Edit] Her name is Emily!


Happy Lunar New Year! a.k.a. Happy Chinese New Year a.k.a. Happy Spring Festival!

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