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Okay, so far I’ve been here, in Indonesia, for about 9 days. Taken off and landed in an airplane 4 times. Stayed at 2 hotels. I bought a 14 Indonesian CDs. It’s about 30° celcius. The car we’ve been sitting in drives an average of 30km/h. I made about 600 pictures.

I watched Indonesian Idol and Akademi Fantasi Indosiar two times. I’ve seen sawa, kaki lima, becak and ate yummie food.

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In an Internet cafe in Indonesia

Saya di warnetnya di Indonesia :). Sekarang di Malang. Sudah ke Bali. Bali bagus sekali. Malang panas, hehe. Tapi, senang sekali.

I’ll stop with my broken Indonesian now. We first arrived in Bali, and stayed in Kuta at the Kumala Pantai hotel, which was awesome. We toured across Bali and saw lots of stuff, beaches, temples and all that. The heat wasn’t all that hot, it was nice actually, in Bali. But here in Malang now, it’s pretty hot.

It’s 17:17 right now, 5 hours ahead of my usual timezone.

And I greet you all, from Indonesia. [Edit: Removed phone number – it’s dead now.] Thanks for comments: Roseline marc Liz Andi Kelly Michelle hazel Gideon Michelle jen jen Tiffany Eve Brenda Hikari Diana

Ready for takeoff
Ready for takeoff
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Ready for takeoff

This is a small portion of my language books and dictionaries. I’ll be bringing my Indonesian phrase book and the Indonesian dictionary. I told myself to prepare and read through a few lessons and excercises of the thing Bahasa Indonesia book, but I kept procrastinating it until it was too late.

I hope I won’t get lost there.

I should learn the phrase book while I’m on the plane. I hope it’s not too late to learn and remember it all. But I’ll probably just sleep during the flight.


And wake up somewhere else.

Even if I don’t play a lot
Even if I don’t play a lot
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Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Even if I don’t play a lot

Okay, I admit. I’m not very good and I don’t play very often. But I will miss my guitar(s) (my bass isn’t in the picture) whenever I go on vacation. But, oh well, there’s tons of other cool stuff to make up for it. I’m sure I won’t be bored at all.

Hmm, I got bitten by mosquitos even here.
I hope it won’t be worse in Indonesia.

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Moo: Attack of the Giant Cows
Moo: Attack of the Giant Cows
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Moo: Attack of the Giant Cows

You can see this cow when you’re on a major highway here. I have no idea why it’s there or what it’s for. Maybe it’s some weird advertisement stunt. Or some art project. I don’t know what else it could be, because it has been there for some time, so it’s not some weird prank. Or maybe it is.

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Foreign music
Foreign music
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Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Foreign music

I live in the Netherlands, so I usually listen to English and Dutch music. And I have still a lot of original CD’s, which aren’t limited to English and Dutch music. Here you can see part of my Asian music collection. Chinese on the left (I have lots more), a couple of Japanese on top, and my Indonesian CD’s are on the right. I’m hoping to pick up more new CD’s at my stay in Indonesia.

A few of my favorite bands and artists are Potret / Melly Goeslaw, Padi, Cokelat, Sheila on 7.
Suggestions for cool Indonesian pop music are welcome, please post a comment :).

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Replies: maureen: I do know a few songs by Kahitna. My favorite from those few songs is Cerita Cinta. Carolyn: Heh, I don’t expect anyone who’s not Indonesian or has ties with Indonesia to know any of those. But yeah, it’s always cool to discover new music. gurge: Yeah, Sesuatu Yang Indah is a great song, I love it too! Andi: My all-time favorite artist is Tori Amos. But sure, recommend me anything :) JKOO: Hmm, maybe I should’ve called this post “Asian music” or something, then…

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