Cute pickup lines
Cute pickup lines

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Cute pickup lines

Kenneth’s great Q&A about evolved girls

* Andi had a good question. She wondered this:
What about the girls who aren’t as cute? Where do they evolve from?
Princesses, mermaids… who knows.

* Carolyn said:
Anyway, maybe some of those cute girls are wondering the same thing, if you notice them.
What, they don’t notice me glaring & staring at them?

* Diana asked:
but Kenneth, why elves?
Because they’re known for being mystical, gracious beings.

* Cezanne asked something that I can’t really answer:
do you think i evolved from faeries?
I’m not sure if I can say that. You’d have to ask your boyfriend :P.

* Jenny suggested something that might have unfortunate consequences:
and about those girls, speak up, and amaze them with your knowledge on that theory of yours
I’m sure that’ll result in a slap in my face. I mean, just imagine this situation:
– “Hello.”
– “Hi, you’re so cute, you must’ve evolved from an angel. Want to go out some time?”
– *SLAP*

And trust me, it sounds even dumber in Dutch.

Cezanne ZhiWen Thanks: Andi Carolyn Tammy Vicky ping marc shiena aline lia Karen Keren Qing Michelle Jenny Grace Diana echa Saffe jen2.

Replies: Michelle: Why the pink one? Cezanne: What’s wrong with monkeys? :P Vicky: Hmm, dus misschien moet ik die pick-up line toch maar eens gebruiken… hehe Rosa: Thanks! Jenny: Girls aren’t violent? o.O” hehe, j/k Tam: Thanks! Andi: Should I blame your uncomprehensable comment on busyness and tiredness? Karen: Blank look eh… Sounds less painful than slaps. I should consider using my lines. echa: Whoa, deep…

Evolved girls
Evolved girls

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Evolved girls

I had a midterm about cell biology last month, which I passed (yay!).
I’m following classes about embryology and biochemistry.
I happened to read some stuff about Darwin in National Geographic magazine.

So I hereby scientifically declare that all those cute girls… oh man, they must’ve been evolved from fairies, elves and angels.

Sometimes I see them.

I’m not sure if they can see me, though.

New layout
New layout

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

New layout

New layout. All the pictures in it are taken by myself, as usual (although not with the camera you see in this picture.) Let me know if things are broken. And I might need to fix and tweak some stuff over time.

– I’m accepting hostees
– Check out these links
YGT Pictures (20 November)

Thanks: maureen shiena echa dice Michelle Tiffany Maggie grace Aileen Gideon ZhiWen

Dark rain clouds
Dark rain clouds

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Dark rain clouds

Yes, all pictures on my posts are taken by myself, all pictures in my layouts too. Here’s another autumn picture, taken last Saturday. I love this view: a sun bathed view with dark rain clouds in the background.

Yay for computer trouble

Yesterday, I had a small test at school. We had to answer 30 questions on the computer. Okay, so I answered all questions and pressed the submit button. Error.

So I asked the teacher what was going on. Apparantly, I’d either receive my results today, or if it went wrong after all and the my test answers weren’t saved, then I’d pass the test whatever my answers were.

And today I received an e-mail.
It told me that they know of the computer problems, and so they assume I sufficiently prepaired the test, and thus I passed the test.

Yay for computer problems.

New layout soon

I’m working on a new layout. I started working on it on 19 October or earlier. As usual, it features a few of my own pictures. Working on a layout for such a long time has the inconvenience that I’m already bored by it a bit. But I must say that I’m still pretty happy with it. So somewhere next week, a new layout.

Thanks for comments: Karen Hauke ZhiWen shiena Talk On Corners Liz grace marc neno. jen2: I took the flower picture across the street here.

Musical wonderful autumns
Musical wonderful autumns

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Musical wonderful autumns

I took this picture about a week ago. It’s autumn, but there are still flowers here and there. I love the contrast… the cold, rainy days, with warm flowers still blooming. Amazing.

I wish I had a beautiful flower of my own.
A flower who liked me back too.
In this sad autumn life.
To cheer me up.

I seriously never had so many comments before. You all rock :) Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. Of the music I don’t have yet, I’ll try and see what I can get and borrow and check out. Priscilla. Aravis: I heard of Indigo Girls a while ago, but never really paid attention to them. I will, in the future. aline: Sure, I listen to old songs. I’m sure I know a few The Carpenters songs too, but wouldn’t know any titles, hehe. Michelle: I like tango music, because of its interesting rhythm, hehe. ping: I’ll stick with the Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, of which I understand some words. trixie: I heard of Switchfoot, but only because I heard they were Christian too. I’ll check them out. ZhiWen: Saybia o.O? Ik ben Kurt Nilsen al een beetje beu, hehe. Ik hou ook van Katie Melua, van Keiko Matsui heb ik nog nooit gehoord. Livie: Heh, I never heard from any of those. I’ll pay attention for those bands… Hauke: Apocalyptica is awesome… alicia: Thanks for the suggestion. Monica: Thanks for the link :) Keren: Thanks, I’ll check it out. Hazel: Heh, pretty mainstream stuff. I like Maroon 5 because their songs are relatively easy to play along with (with my guitar). Andi: Noted. Aileen, Jen2, Strizzt, Qing: Thanks. dee: Hmm, I can borrow Ten2Five from a friend. I’ll e-mail you so you can e-mail me, hehe. shiena, Tam: Thanks! Yin: Whoa, big list. Thanks for typing all that out. Jessica: Haha, obscure. I know four of the ones you listed. Let’s see if I can manage to get some songs for the other ones… Liz: Whoa, I didn’t know you liked heavy stuff like Rammstein. Interesting, haha. Vicky: Ik zie heel veel op je playlist waar ik waarschijnlijk niet aan begin :P Maar ook veel die ik zelf ook goed vind. Ooh, The Gathering, the rock. Max: Awesome, thanks Max! ‘k Zie je zaterdag? grace: Someting corporate? What’s wrong with Avril? I sometimes listen to Britney :P.

Recommend me some music
Recommend me some music
Canon PowerShot G3     358mm     1/125s     f/4.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Recommend me some music

I like music. And I want to listen to some new stuff.
Please recommend me some bands/artists/songs.

I like a lots of stuff.
From Vanessa Mae to Veruca Salt
From Metallica to Mariah Carey
From Tori Amos to Trijntje Oosterhuis
From Elisa to Evanescence
From Portishead to Phil Collins

I like pop, rock, praise&worship mostly.
English, Dutch, Indonesian, Mandarin, Japanese.
I love acapella. I like instrumental and musicals too

What do you like? And what would you recommend me to listen to?
Or- maybe you can paste part of your playlist too, hehe.

Looks can be deceiving
Looks can be deceiving
Canon PowerShot G3     230mm     1/500s     f/4.0    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Looks can be deceiving

Apparantly, last night there was some frost. So when I woke up this morning and stepped out of the door, oh man it was so cold. The branches of most trees are already bare. Brown leaves are cluttered on the streets. The night falls earlier and earlier.

It might’ve been sunny today, but looks can be deceiving.

Thanks to these genius people for commenting: Trinnah ZhiWen marc Diana Alexine grace Aileen.
Replies: Aileen: So just tornadoes, eh? Rosa: Thanks ^^. Mei.

Are you a brilliant genius?
Are you a brilliant genius?
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Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Are you a brilliant genius?

- A smart person is not always a genius.
– A genius is not always a smart person.

Okay, my definition is a bit incomplete. I’ll add a few lines:
– A genius has a love for what s/he’s doing.
– A genius isn’t doing what s/he’s doing for personal gain (fame, money, etc.)
– A genius is really good at what s/he’s doing.

Usually, when you hear “genius,” you often imagine a black-white picture of Einstein (at least, I do.) Professors with white hair and glasses who will solve any math problem, any scientific problem. But I don’t think it limits to technical stuff like this. History produced also many other geniuses. Like geniuses in music: Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi. Geniuses in art: Van Gogh, Rembrandt. Geniuses in literature: Shakespeare.

And geniuses nowadays. Particularly in music, I think these are geniuses: Tori Amos, Laïs, (Indonesian) Melly Goeslaw, Michael Jackson.

And you too.
You’re a brilliant genius too.

All of you people around me. Great writers, photographers, musicians and singers, drawers and painters, stylists, sportsmen, scientists, speakers, thinkers, dancers, (graphic) designers and architects, or any of the other things that you’re good with.
Brilliantly genius.

PS: I can have all of Grace’s skittles.

The lonely road of unanswered love
The lonely road of unanswered love
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Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

The lonely road of unanswered love

The lonely road of unanswered love…
Here is a scenario of a typical high school or university popcorn movie:

– A girl with glasses “Girl”
– A popular guy “Guy”
– An unpopular guy “John” Doe
– John loves Girl; Girl doesn’t love John
– Girl loves Guy; Guy doesn’t see Girl standing
– Girl takes off glasses; Girl turns beautiful
– Guy loves Girl; Happy End.

I’m wondering… let’s say that the last line (or last two lines) doesn’t happen. Would Girl ever realise how much she likes Guy (who, in this case, is unreachable)? And if she realizes that Guy is unreachable, and how much love she had? And if she realizes that John probably has the same amount of love for Girl? Would Girl ever try to answer John’s love?

I might be simple and naive with this kind of stuff, but this is yet another one of my ponderings. I also believe that love can grow and that love can start/grow from anything: friendships, blind dates, at first sight, maybe even lies.

But can love come from unanswered love too?

If, totally theoretically, a girl loved me, but she wasn’t my type or I’m liking someone else, would I take a chance by answering that girls love? I don’t know.

JKOO: I didn’t see any zombies though… maureen: Trial period, at least that would be a gesture or a try. Hmm. Zahira: ^^. Michelle: Friends… Yeah, I guess it mostly starts with friends anyway. Aileen: Well, then what about the other way around? Because in this post, it’s like you being the one who doesn’t love back… Allison Karen Saffe: Yeah, I need more exposure and (bowling) balls :P marc nosila Cezanne.

We’re all teachers, we’re all students
We’re all teachers, we’re all students
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Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

We’re all teachers, we’re all students


We all experience things in life. We all grow in life. We all learn from our experiences, we learn from experiences of our friends, our family, our colleages.

We all share our experiences. We all let other people grow. We all teach.

At least, this is how I see it. We can all learn from everybody, and everybody can all learn from us. It doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes it’s the small things that do it. We can learn from a small child’s innocence, we all learn from old wise people. And if you look at the good things, the smart things, the talents of your equals, your friends, your family, your colleagues…

Then they will do the same.


Qing: Thanks! nadine: Some people can grow stupid :P or can grow immature… but that’s a different story, hehe. Mei: Thanks for the compliment! JKOO: Using Photoshop: layers, saturation layer and its mask. Easy ;).

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