Take sufficient precautions: Duck and Cover!
Take sufficient precautions: Duck and Cover!

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Take sufficient precautions: Duck and Cover!

Taken: 29 January 2005, Maassluis, The Netherlands.

After the big metal obese bunny encounter, I again risked my life by taking this picture up close. I must admit, unlike the bunnies, which can jump and crush you, these cows are less agressive.

When they don’t eat, the do stare. I’m pretty sure they are either hypnotic or laser-eyed. What, are you kidding me? No, ofcourse I didn’t wait to find out. Oh, and if you know of a big newspaper or magazine that needs a news photographer, feel free to recommend me.

Thanks: Saffe Jenny Michelle. I didn’t realize that the colored cow species has already spread throughout the country. Thanks for notifying, ZhiWen påul Vicky.

I feel high
I feel high

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

I feel high

Taken: 22 January 2005, The Netherlands.

If you can’t often see stars, then you’ll have to settle for the moon. It looks awesome zoomed up close. Sometimes it’s not visible, sometimes it’s a sickle. Sometimes it hides the sun for a few moments.

But stars are still cooler and friendlier.

“Yeah, right! Go to the moon!” vs. “Reach the stars and let your dreams come true”
“Eww, they’re mooning you!” vs. “You’re my angel, my star, always shining down on me”

Thanks: JKOO Siren Lia maud shiena Rosa Vicky Jenny Maggie Karen Qing SAFFE Hazel ZhiWen

Dead hard drive
Dead hard drive

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Dead hard drive

In the front you see a Hitachi Deskstar hard drive, more commonly known as the Deathstar. Yeah, it’s dead. The drive could store 120GB of files in my computer. When I was trying to copy one of the files on it a week ago, it failed to do so. Because of that, I wanted to format it altogether in a few days, so in preparation I moved most of the files to other drives. So fortunately, data loss (damage) was minimal.

But it still sucks.

Thanks: SAFFE Tiffany shiena rocky maud. Special thanks: Hauke Vicky Jenny.

Frrrosted flakes + muziekstokje
Frrrosted flakes + muziekstokje

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Frrrosted flakes + muziekstokje

Taken: 24 January 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It still feels strange to write “2005” instead of “2004.”

It’s really hard to capture falling snow flakes on film. This picture I made today is still too blurry. So that’ll be one of my goals as an amateur photographer:
* make a good picture of falling snow flakes.

What else was there on my list…
* make a pictures of a rainbow.
* make a picture of lightning.

Thanks: Tiffany Cezanne Leanne SAFFE Karen shiena rache. And only Michelle Jenny Vicky jen2 Hotaru didn’t think the bunnies were cute and didn’t hug them. So they’re still alive. I warned you all, but at least there are still smart people who listen. Thank God.

Ik kreeg dit muziekstokje van Gideon. A relay of a music stick.
1) Wat is de totale grootte aan muziekbestanden op je computer?
Ongeveer 45GB, inclusief videoclips en concerten. De rest is gebrand. Van een deel ervan heb ik de originele cd’s. Oh, ik heb ongeveer 225 officiële, legale cd’s. Misschien wel meer.
Size of music files on computer
About 45GB, music videos and concerts included.
2) Wat is je laatste gekochte cd?
Dat waren er twee:
Tori Amos – Scarlet’s Walk (Limited Edition)
Phil Collins – Testify

En voor wie het verder nog wilt weten, m’n laatste DVD die ik gekocht heb:
Tori Amos – Welcome to Sunny Florida.

M’n laatste bestelling (nog niet binnen):
BarlowGirl – BarlowGirl

Last bought cd
I bought two at the same time last time I bought cd’s: Tori Amos and Phil Collins
3) Wat is letterlijk het laatst geluisterde nummer voordat je dit bericht las?
Uhh, geen idee. Sorry.
Last song heard
I forgot…
4) Geef drie nummers door die je heel vaak luistert, of die veel voor je betekenen, en vertel waarom?
Eigenlijk geldt hetzelfde als wat Gideon zei: m’n antwoorden verschillen erg, verspreid over verschillende fasen in m’n leven. Maar deze twee gelden op dit moment:
Thousand Foot Krutch – This Is A Call
Erg mooi nummer. Over onbegrip, hoop en het snakken naar Jezus.

Opwekking – Er Is Een Dag
“Nooit meer tranen
nooit meer pijn
want wij zullen met Hem leven
in Zijn nabijheid
voor altijd

En eentje van vroeger:
Shai – If I Ever Fall In Love
Ik hou van meerstemmige nummers. En onder andere deze is briljant.

3 most played or meaningful songs
Two recent ones:
Thousand Foot Krutch – This Is A Call
About misunderstanding, hope, and longing for Jesus.

Opwekking – Er Is Een Dag
“There is a day” – quote of the lyrics:
No more tears and
no more pain
for we’ll live together with Him
in His presence
for all time

And one song from the past:
Shai – If I Ever Fall In Love
I love songs sung in harmony vocals. And it’s a sweet love song.

5) Aan welke drie personen geef jij het Muziekstokkie door, en waarom?
Deze mensen laten berichten achter op m’n site en hebben zelf ook een weblog. Dus de kans op overleven van het muziekstokje is groter, hehe.
Hauke, Vicky, Jenny
I’m relaying the stick to…
These Dutch people with active weblogs. Hauke Vicky Jenny. But feel free to answer anyway.
It’s weekend!
It’s weekend!

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

It’s weekend!

Taken: 15 January 2005, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

It’s weekend!

The bunnies are invading our universe!
Be careful, because they can suddenly appear in your back yard and kill you. Be prepared to defend yourself and run when they catch you in their invisible eyes. Run like the wind. I barely made it out alive.

Thanks! paul Leanne Jessica shiena Michelle Jenny Rosa Karen Vicky echa Saffe jen2.

From insomnia to headaches
From insomnia to headaches

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

From insomnia to headaches

Taken: 15 January 2005, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I don’t feel too good. I’ve had a headache since lunch or so. I took a nap, but that didn’t help much. I ate well and healthy enough (for a student anyway). Drank lots of water. These stupid painkillers don’t work either. It feels like a phase in my life. A long phase.

But, yes.

Tomorrow is a new day.
And it will be good.
A brand new bright and shiny day.


Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images


Taken: 15 January 2005, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I can’t sleep.

Thanks: shiena marc Karen Michelle Vicky

Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL     31mm     1/200s     f/11.0     ISO100    

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images


Taken: 15 January 2005, Maassluis, The Netherlands.

Since these lectures, reading these books, sheets, since classes… I more consciously feel saliva being secreted from my glandula parotis and it being pushed through the accompanying ductus. Or when I have a wound somewhere, I mutter under my breath “c’mon platelets, coagulate faster… I still see erythrocytes coming out :/” Or I get annoyed when voltage differences between the extra-cellular fluid and the intra membrane (through the sodium and potassium) fires and notifies one of my cerebral hemispheres that I have pain somewhere.


Thanks for commenting: Hauke Aravis shiena Tiffany Vicky jen2 Hotaru

Thanks you
Thanks you

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Thanks you

Hey everyone, thanks again for your Christmas and New Year cards, wishes and support. Thanks you for commenting on the previous post: Tiffany lia Vicky Karen shiena Kim.

Inexperienced advisor of love
Inexperienced advisor of love

Today, 25 most recent, 25 random images

Inexperienced advisor of love

Taken: 6 January 2005, Schiphol, The Netherlands.

I still have lots of writings and poetry lying around. It’s time to publish some old stuff, while I make up new stuff and while school is starting again in this 2005. Now, I think I haven’t shown this to anyone yet. I should update my writings section some time…

Inexperienced advisor of love

Sometimes there are girls asking me
about love. Asking me about what
the guy would notice if she likes him.
About what she should do to attract
his attention. About which signs the
guy would give if he might like her.

Sometimes a girl asks me if a relationship
between her and her boyfriend would
work. Would work if they would see
each other every day. If they would
see each other every weekend. If they would
live miles away or oceans apart.

Sometimes girls ask me if the guy they
like would fit them. Or what they should
do after a fight or break up. Or what
she should give her boyfriend for a present.
What they should do or say at a romantic
moment. What they should do on a date.

Sometimes I wonder why they ask me
as I’ve never been in a relationship mself.
As no girl has ever approached me in such
a way. Sometimes I wonder if there will
ever be a girl asking someone for advice.
About me.

Copyright © 30 Aug 2003.

Thanks! Vicky: Ja, ik zat tot m’n neus in het gras. shiena Lia Aravis Karen Grace Andi dice.

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