Sunset over the City

Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Aravis and Jen: I was standing on a small bridge while taking this shot.


Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

No, the sky from the Rotterdam Skyline isn’t fake. I only enhanced it a little bit with some basic adjusting, which is also taught in both my Photoshop Tutorials.

Yes, I also participated in the Wednesday Skate Night event. That’s also the reason why I wrote this in the end of that post: “It was pretty fun, but exhausting (for me, at least).”

Check my second Photoshop tutorial and let me know if it was useful, too easy or too hard (you can comment there).

Wednesday Night Skate

Taken: 26 July 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

According to the Wednesday Night Skate website, there were some 8.000 people on rollerblades, rollerskates (and some on skateboards) yesterday at the rollerskate event in Rotterdam. It was pretty fun, but exhausting (for me, at least).

These were the pictures I took last year, and one from 2003.

Photoshop Tutorial

I just opened my Photography section and created my first Photoshop tutorial. Tell me what you think of it and if you have suggestions.

The Rotterdam Skyline

Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Going up at the end of the bicycle tunnel results in this touristic view of Rotterdam. And no, that isn’t the CNTower in Toronto, but this one is called the Euromast. Not as tall as the CNTower.

Bicycle Tunnel

Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Is it the end?

The Bicycle Escalator

Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

What are your special skills?

Try getting your camera out of your bag, while you’re standing on a bicycle escalator, with a bicycle in one hand. And after getting the camera out of the bag, try getting a good shot, while the escalator is going up and still holding your bicycle in the other hand. And not falling.

So, have you ever tried this?

Or have you tried getting a bike up a flight of stairs? Compared to this, going up an escalator with a bicycle seems an easy thing, but I found it was pretty hard the first time: Getting the position of the steering wheel and the bicycle itself right, so that it won’t fall back.
And if you’re ever gonna be hanging out like a tourist here in Rotterdam, be sure to check this one out. It’s not very well-known, but still a lot of people use the tunnel very regularly.

Taking pictures while cycling is a skill too.
So, what are your special skills?

Bicycle Tunnel and Ads

Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This is the entrance to a bicycle tunnel, which is part of the Maastunnel in Rotterdam. It’s a very interesting tunnel. To go through it, you first have to descend with your bicycle on an escalator. The tunnel was finished 1942, and even now it’s very unique.

The thing about ads, part 2

I’ll be moving the ads around as I see fit. I think they are now shown in less annoying places. And if they are a success, they’ll stay in those places.

Ever since I started with the ads (78 days ago now), I gradually changed my view about them: I do click them now and then (on other websites, if I do it on my own it counts as fraud). But only if I find something interesting. Because:
* Clicking on an interesting ad that I’m interested in helps me find an interesting site.
* It helps the owner of the website that contains the advertisements

And if it helps a website that I like, why not?
It’s not that I have to pay to click on it.
And it helped me after all (finding something interesting).

What’s your view on this?

PS: This of course doesn’t change my view on spam though. All those spam comments, e-mails, sites… they should all die. And those spammers should be prosecuted as criminals.

Sail away

Taken: 13 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

A lot of different boats were around while the Volvo Ocean Race was in the Rotterdam harbour. It’s a joy seeing these sailboats. They make me think of new lands, fresh sea water, and adventure.

So the thing about ads

I guess those articles about ad placement were right: When you place advertisements more on the left side, and on top of your posts, people will notice them more. Ofcourse, if the ads are in the middle of your post, people will notice them.
But does that mean they’ll click on them more?
At least they’ll be annoyed a lot more.

In my previous layout, when I had advertisements on the right side, I guess people won’t notice them as much (compared to placing them on the left side, where the navigation used to be). Additionally, with a cleaner layout, anything will stand out.
But, if the ads are less noticed, will people click on them less?
Do people appreciate it when they see less advertisements?
Do appreciative people click more on advertisements?
Will people click on ads when they are less annoyed?

If I remove the advertisements, people won’t notice or click on them.
And people don’t donate either.
So now what?

I never wanted to get hosting at one of those free places, because my site would get a lot of advertisements on it. Then why do I have advertisements here? I figure, if those ads generate a couple of cents a day extra (US$4,49 so far, in 77 days), at least they will go into my pocket.

What is your thought about this?
Any suggestions are welcome.


Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I always wanted a those cool night pictures, where all the lights from the cars would form white and red lines. This one, and the previous one, are pretty much my first ones. Like I said, there was some dust on the sensor. So I hope you won’t notice the quick cleanup I did. And how quickly I photoshopped this current one to make it look better.

New Layout

Something’s wrong with the menu in my new layout: It doesn’t work correctly with Internet Explorer. Can anyone help me? Other than that, it still needs some fine-tuning, but I’m too tired to do that.

Erasmusbrug at night

Taken: 17 June 2006, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

After making this picture, I noticed some random spots on my pictures. I guess that is the consequence of using a dSLR camera: The risk of getting dust on the sensor. But at least now I’m pretty capable in cleaning up the pictures so dust is erased, and cleaning up the sensor so the dust is gone. I hope.

New: As promised, technical information on the photo: A summary of the parameters can be found when hovering your mouse over the photo. You might need to refresh this page if you visited before and the technical information for the picture doesn’t show up correctly. Also, this doesn’t work in Internet Explorer.
Can anyone let me know if it works in Opera or Safari? I only know it works for sure on Mozilla / Firefox.

Question: Would you be interested in tutorials on taking pictures and editing them in Photoshop?

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