Launched: Aug 2005
Created: Jul 2005


Relaunch: 02 Apr 2006
Launch: 11 Jan – Sep 2005
Created: 05 Jan 2005


Switched: 20 May 2005
Launched: 4 Dec 2003
Created: 2 Dec 2003


Missy: in hindsight
Until: 7 Dec 2009
Launched: 5 Dec 2003
Created: 18 Nov 2003


Get hosted

Rules & requirements

I’m very picky about hosting sites, so I need a few rules and a few standards before I accept a hostee.

style – (unique layout and content)
– (something to read or look at)
active – (regular visible updates/posts)

spam(no commercial activities)
indecency – (no porn/hate/discrimination)
copying – (no copyrighted material)
cussing – (keep indecent language low)

I advise you strongly against
splash pages – (I’m too lazy to click on your pretty Enter button)
background music – (I often open more pages at once. 10 sounds playing at the same time isn’t nice)
ghetto talk – (Please write with normal words, in normal sentences. Thanks.)

Furthermore, you’re at least 16 years old. No fansites/cliques. I have the final word whether you get a spot or not.

What do you get?

Remember: I do not accept all applicants. But if I do accept you as a hostee, this is what you get.

subdomain – (
20mb space – (negotiable)
tools – (PHP, cgi/perl, MySQL database)
host – (that’s me. Poke me in case you need help).

I’ll set up WordPress for you, if needed.


Contact me. Please include the link to your current website. Please have patience while waiting for my answer.

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