Welcome to the one and only official source about Kenneth Kwee. This is Kenneth’s personal website, his personal place on the Internet: For information about Kenneth Kwee Photography and for questions about bridal photography, product photography, event photography and other project, visit the Kenneth Kwee Photography / SyndiCube Studios website. For photography in the Netherlands region, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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Where does your inspiration come from? Who is your muse? Whether your inspiration is a picture or a person, whether it’s something that’s outside or inside, whether it’s website or nature, whether it’s love or the light of a star, it will turn out alright as long as you keep the inspiration flowing.

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Kenneth’s has been inspirationally shining since September 2003, and has been online since February 1997. From 1997 to 2003 this site was known under the following names: Ken’s CyberSite, Ken’s Online World and Shattered Sprinkles.

Previously hosted at,,,,,

Layout and Site History

Version 36

Version 36

November 2009
28: Removed ticking clocks page. Updated links. Merged and updated some of the about Kenneth pages. 27: Launched version 36.

Version 35

Version 35

November 2009
15: Changed site structure, updated and cleaned up a few pages.

October 2007
3: Merged Peculiarities and Things I Do to Everything Kenneth and updated it. 2: Updated about me, links, hostees. 1: Launched version 35.

Version 34

Version 34

January-February 2007
Feb 21: Updated music and personal pages. 6: Updated comments and gallery with version 34, added a couple of links. Jan 25: Launched version 34.

Brushes used: Nocturna

Version 33

Version 33

July 2006
Aug 9: Exchanged plugs for the Plug Cloud. Added thumbnails for posts on the home page. Jul 20: Launched version 33.

Version 32

Version 32

May-June 2006
Jun 2: Updated About me, Taiwan Tour. Re-added poetry. Big site-wide link cleanup. Launched version 32.
May 24: Updated miscellanious pages, launched Gallery layout.
May 9: Added advertisements.

Brushes used: Vered.

Version 31

Version 31

February-March 2006
March 7: Removed the forum, removed internal site’s dead links, updated the christian section. 6: Updated rants.

Februari 16: Updated all content. Version 31 launched.

Brushes used: Vered.

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Shooting pictures since around 2001, professional photographer since 2005. Contact Kenneth Kwee for photography projects in The Netherlands, including weddings. Connect to Kenneth Kwee on LinkedIn.

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