Taken: 28 November 2008, Paris, France.

Again, La Grande Arche de la Défense.

What do you do with your blurry pictures? Do you check your pictures after you made them and delete the blurry ones from the camera? Do you check your pictures after you put them on your computer and then delete the blurry ones? Do you dump all your pictures on your computer and never look back at them?

Or do you keep your blurry pictures?
Or do you keep some blurry ones, and keep some blurry ones?

3 Responses to “Blurry”

  1. Angelica says:

    I googled La Grande Arche de la Défense because I couldn’t quite tell what was in the photo. Now that I know I think the angle is really interesting.

    I keep some blurry pictures. I even post some of them on my site. But I’m not a serious photographer in the sense that I don’t take a lot of artistic photos. Mostly I just take photos of myself, my friends and things we do and I don’t care if such photos are a bit blurry.

  2. Jen2 says:

    I actually keep all my blurry pictures. I like the way some of them come out…..

  3. Chans says:

    I load all my photos on my computer, blurry or not, then go through them and delete the ones that I can’t use for anything in the future. Some blurry photos make great parts of layouts etc.

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