Taken: 8 May 2010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This coot (Eurasian Coot; Dutch: Meerkoet) is happily breeding in its nest. It’s still cold for the month May, and tomorrow it’ll be raining again. But hey, this bird is just doing its thing.

Yesterday was a great day. In the morning I was the photographer for the Janneke & Bas wedding. A great outside garden for wedding photography between Breda and Tilburg is Den Overkaent in Gilze.

After that we had a family reunion for the Ong Jap Lip family tree, with over 110 people attending.

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  1. Layla says:

    hi! great picture as always! 🙂

    Layla here…new url, but still at wordpress, I still have you in my links list. I am only sorry that I don’t get to comment a lot, busy times and will be busy once more!

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