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I found these plants in Indonesia interesting. We never hang plants or flowers on walls like this, but apparantly it’s pretty normal in Indonesia. I think it looks really pretty. I’m looking around right now, in this computer room here at home. And all I see are some paintings and pictures hanging on the walls. We should make one of the walls a plant wall too.

Out of this age

I touched this topic before, I’m sure. But I really look young for my age. I especially noticed this again, during my vacation in Indonesia. I was traveling with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Okay, my cousin looks a bit older for his age, but check this…

A few times people asked us if we were the same age.

Uhh, sure, the same age. There’s only 10 years between him (14) and me (24). I also let people guess my age. They usually think that I’m 18. Or when other new people, some of them students, complain that they feel they’re old. When I’m 2-3 years older than them. And here I thought that people in Asia would’ve been better in guessing my age.

Replies. Carolyn: Yeah, it has its positive points. Jen Jen: It’s most fun when you baffle someone who’s asking for ID, and when he’s apologizing. Aileen: Now that you mention it, yes they might be orchids. And it makes more sense to have flowers hanging around, hehe.

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  1. Aileen says:

    Hey those plants are orchids I believe. My mom has a few of them inside the house as well 🙂 They’re beautiful.

    Glad you had an awesome trip!

  2. jen jen says:

    Dont you just love it when you look like a teenager still, and bouncers at nightclubs still ask to see your ID?? I would love it when at least one person this year asks for my ID!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Ooh those plants look really awesome. And your camera is so crystal-clear.. Anyway, when you get older, you’ll be glad to look younger. ;D Like my dad is 56 but everyone thinks he’s like 40.. =)

  4. Michelle says:

    Oh! I hear you! People never get my age right either, guesses vary from 17 through 23…

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