The flow of water, the flow of life

This is one of the beautiful, famous sights in Indonesia. The sawah: Terrace rice fields. Carefully crafted terraces to keep the water where it is and to make most of the available land. I think if you visit Indonesia, then you should at least have seen these sawah. Some are more beautiful than others.

The age and its loves

Summarizing last past: I’m 24, but people say they think I’m around 18. I know, I know, looking young has a positive side. People are looking for that magic potion to look young and stay that way, so why should I complain? And I usually don’t really care either. Except for one thing. When people discover I’m 6 years older than they thought I was, they usually yelp in surprise. Now, this in itself is not really a problem. But let’s make this issue more specific. I’ll start with an introduction.

About love.

I often am very dreamy about love, and still believe it’s something magical and all that, for most part. Like how love crosses all boundaries and stuff. Like age. I have asked people what they thought about love and age, and they will always say that age doesn’t matter. And when you’re reading this, I’m sure you agree with this. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to love.

But when I ask if it’s okay to have 5, 6 or more years age difference, they answer “no way!” Okay, so not everyone answers this, but on average, most people say they’re against it. So that’s just weird. First they say age doesn’t matter, then they are against it.

So now back.

I’m 24. So it would be normal (whatever that is) if I had a girlfriend who would be maybe 2-3 years younger than me. But if I were a girl, I’m not sure if I would want a boyfriend that looked that kiddy. But here I am, looking like an 18 year old. In physique, would it be normal to have a girlfriend that’s like 16 years old? Does this still make sense? In this case, I/we’d be really looked upon, assuming she wouldn’t yelp eep too, knowing my age (if I were a girl, would I want an “oldie?”).

So I guess these reasons could make me very picky. I keep having flashes of thoughts in my mind, telling me to look for a girl who’s a few years younger than me, but also looks very young herself. Although I know I shouldn’t be limiting myself like this.

Anyway, when I was hanging out with Nana in Indonesia, she told me that it’s only natural that there are one or two girls out there with a crush on me. It kind felt like she told it like it was a fact, and not solely to comfort me. And even if I can’t really imagine someone having a crush on me, I like the idea 🙂 And it was comforting indeed :).

Reactions. jen jen: Yeah, it’s a typical Indonesia picture. irene: Oops, corrected. Nana: Thanks for bringing this fact to my attention. I wonder if it’s scientifically provable. Tiffany: May your wish come true… Hikari: Thanks for your comment and insight. An: “Wisdom comes only with age”… true, true. Michelle: You’re absolutely right. Sometimes I do feel like I’m limiting and restraining myself. And having a negative images of oneself is only negative for yourself. But hey, we’re only human, right? Diana: There’s a lot of cases in my family where “she” is older than “him,” so I’m not worried about that.

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  1. Diana says:

    I always love terraces fields. Everytime I take the train to Bandung I always pass the terraces fields and aren’t they amazing? They never ceases to amaze me.
    I’m always told not to find a guy younger than me but in my opinion, age is just a number. For me, it’s inside that really counts.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve thought about this a lot lately, and not just with age, more in general.
    There is always something about yourself that you don’t like, which might be holding you back from something you wish to do or achieve. People don’t recognize it as such because “we all have our quircks” and it’s “no big deal” because you can’t see or sense it. But it’s like having a handicap: only it’s not physical, it’s in your mind. (Doesn’t make it less important, it just makes it less noticable…)
    With me, I’m just not attractive for the guys whom I’d like to be attractive with, to even name something specific: they don’t like Asian girls… Before, I’d just go: “Why me?! Why can’t I be African-American?! Why can’t I be Caucasian?! Why can’t I be anything they like!?!”, but then I told myself: do I really want to change who I am, so someone would love me for someone I’m not? Would I be happy?
    There is someone out there who will love you for you, only then you’ll be truly happy. There are many girls who don’t care about age or youthful looks, like there are many guys who DO fall for Asian girls… But sometimes, paths don’t cross until you’re ready 🙂

  3. An says:

    Hi Kenneth. Sorry I have not visited or commented much on your site recently. Looks to me though, you are enjoying your trip to Indonesia and every part of it. It is a beaitful country that I would like to visit some time during my lifetime. Hopefully I will be able to. I would love to travel around the world. So far I’ve only reached Japan and Korea, my native.
    I think it depends more upon the person’s character and maturity, not just the number when it comes to thinking of how old someone is. What I find fascinating is that people will treat me so rudely and condescendingly until they find out I’m three years older than they thought. I’m still young, but I look really young still (I even get 12 sometimes). All of the sudden you gain more respect. More respect with age I guess. But as I was saying, someone could be 25 years old, another 30 years old, and another 15, but all act the same. The 15 year old would be mature and the 30 year old immature. My friend who is 16 is dating a 20 year old. Sounds extreme, but the guy is a complete goof-head and acts her age, so it works. Just depends on the character I guess. But they do say wisdom comes only with age.

  4. Hikari says:

    That… is a really pretty picture. *saves it to show her mom* ^__^;;

    Looking young is nice… but yeah, it’s kinda ironic that people say age doesn’t matter when it does to them to an extent. >_>;; Apparently I look old for my age, well, sometimes. ;_; But eh, oh well. I agree with Nana though, everyone has secret admirers. And heck, it could be the person you least expect it from. *nods* ^^

  5. Tiffany says:

    So nice to see this place alive again, filled with many nice photos 🙂 Glad you had an enjoyable trip! Someday, I wish to travel to Bali…. 😀

  6. Nana says:

    I didn’t mean to comfort ya, because well…it’s just a fact. Not a very well-known fact, that is. Everybody, regardless of their looks or characters, has secret admirers. Ever got a forward about “there’s always at least a person other than your mom who’s willing to die for you”?

  7. irene says:

    i was confused with sawa. oh now i see, it is sawah, you forgot to put h after sawa hehe 🙂

  8. jen jen says:

    Beautiful picture. This really reminds me of Indo.

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