Met up skate

Y’day Nightskate was fun! I met up w/ my friends Nathan & Wesley, and also met Lisa “BravoGirl” and her friend Romy. Btw the R’dam skatepark rules!


Today I’m gonna get the last set of papers I have to get for my application to college (a verified copy of my hs diploma). Maybe: W’day Skate Nite!

Itchy and scratchy

Guess how my midterm (hertentamen) today went. Okie let’s change the subject. Apparently, I’m having allergic reactions to something. I have no idea what tho, cause I’ve been filtering out all the possibilities (chocolate, specific clothing, peanuts, other foods/drinks). It’s making me CRAZY! Oh man the itch is horrible! Help!

Total boredom and forms

Okay, welcome to yet another day of total boredom. Learning for some exams sucks and I still have to take care of numerous forms.

Skate record

Whoo another skate day, hehe. Too bad all of my friends couldn’t come :-(. Now I did it in a record time of about 1h30mins including the short stop.

Chat skate

Hey a postcard from Hong Kong! Thanks you, Lisa. The Rotterdam Wednesday Night Skate was fun! I went with two of my Dutch-caf? chat friends. This time went better than last (no blisters and not as tiring), but the weather wasn’t as good this time, although it was pretty warm. I hope next time more friends will join!

Met up with friends at school

A little bit of school today, as I have to finish up some stuff. Also fun cause I haven’t seen some of my friends for a while. Good to see ya again!


This week is gonna be pretty boring. I’m going to Amsterdam with my sis today, just to wave her out tomorrow and to make sure she doesn’t forget anything

Bad offers

Argh, someone called me at 9:30 and woke me up, asking if I was interested in being a member for something. I already have enough junk mail, now junk phone?

Summer cleanups

A beautiful day! The weather is just lovely now. My dad decided that it’s the big summer cleanup today. So I guess I’ll have to get busy vacuum cleaning.

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